Do you want to make exercise your career? Learn to teach Pilates with us!

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Pilates is not going away – there’s a reason it’s grown in popularity for everyone from fitness enthusiasts to professional athletes!

Want to get a comprehensive education and gain credibility and marketability in the fitness industry? Join us for our next Classical Pilates Formula Session – classes begin August 23, 2019.

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About the Program

Classical Pilates Formula at FFC is a 450-hour comprehensive Pilates training apprenticeship diploma program that will give you a solid education in Pilates and all of the tools to be a great instructor.

In addition to a thorough instruction of beginner through advanced levels of Pilates exercises, our program highlights anatomy, teaching/cueing techniques, instructions for all levels of clients as well as special-case clients, and a business plan to ensure a successful career as a Pilates professional.

Throughout the program, you will be evaluated on your understanding of the material with written and practical examinations and physical performance of the exercises.

Questions? Contact Kristin Strom at or visit for more information!

Make the Spa at FFC your finish line! Bring in a race bib from 2019 for:

  • $5 off a 30-minute massage or petite facial
  • $10 off a 60-minute massage or FFC facial
  • $15 off a 90-minute massage or signature facial (80-minutes)

*No two discounts apply.

Pedicure Special

Enjoy a spa pedicure for $40
*Service must be received in July. No two discounts apply.

Sunless Airbrush Tanning With Ortanic

Enjoy a $25 Custom Airbrush Tan with any FFC Spa Service in the month of July.
Show your FFC Spa receipt from any July service and receive a $25 Custom Airbrush Tan through the end of August.

Use Your FSA/HSA to Pay For Massage Therapy!

Did you know: in many cases, a massage can be covered by your insurance plan if you have an FSA or HSA account! For more details, visit

Here we grow again! NovaCare is excited to announce our expanded presence within the Fitness Formula Clubs network with the opening of their newest location inside FFC Gold Coast!

Under the direction of center manager, Mike Kelly and physical therapist, Casey Gray, the Gold Coast center will offer physical therapy, IASTM therapy, low-back rehabilitation, manual therapy, TMJ rehabilitation, and more. Call 312.900.9595 or stop in and schedule an assessment today, No referral, no problem!

If you are experiencing pain or have sustained a recent injury, please see one of our clinicians for a complimentary injury screen and experience the power of physical therapy. See below for July’s schedule of injury screen times:

  • FFC Boystown – July 21; 9 AM
  • FFC East Lakeview – July 13; 9:30 – 10:30 AM
  • FFC Elmhurst – July 13; 8 – 11 AM
  • FFC Gold Coast – July 9; 5 – 7 PM
  • FFC Lincoln Park – July 30; 5 – 7 PM
  • FFC Oak Park – July 23; 12 – 2 PM
  • FFC Park Ridge – July 16; 3 – 5 PM
  • FFC South Loop – walk-ins welcome
  • FFC Union Station – July 17; 11:30 AM – 1 PM
  • FFC West Loop – July 9; 4:15 – 5 PM

Are you looking to change or break a habit of yours? Changing your habits is the key to successful, sustainable health outcomes. Not only can having healthy habits reduce our risk of certain chronic health conditions, it can also help us feel our best, have more energy and have a more positive outlook.

If you’ve ever tried to change or create a habit before, you’ve probably experienced how hard it can be! Try not to be discouraged by this. What helps is viewing the habit change the same way as learning a new skill. Learning a new skill takes time. While you may hear that it takes 2 weeks to 30 days to build a habit, in reality, it may take as long as six months to a year to be fully ingrained in your routine.

Whether you want to go to the gym more often, eat healthier food, get more sleep, improve your productivity or save more money, changing your habits comes down to the same process. Here are some tips to get you started.

  1. Think about why you want to make the change. It’s really important to understand why changing your habit is valuable to you. What makes you emotionally invested in putting the effort into changing? Our emotions are very powerful in dictating our thoughts, behaviors, actions, and choices. While it may be logical to change i.e. getting more sleep will give you more energy, this fact alone is usually not enough for people to change. Why is feeling more energized important to you? Why do you care? Think about it! This should really spark something in you!
  2. Maybe you’ve been thinking about changing this habit for sometime, but the thought of doing it is overwhelming you. Decision fatigue sets in and you’re feeling hopeless and give up. Remember, “Rome wasn’t built in a day”. Catch yourself if you’re falling into the “all or nothing” thinking and take a moment to slow down. Break down the goal you’re trying to achieve into much smaller steps, segments or pieces. By breaking down the goal this way, you’ll be able to accomplish the task at hand in a much easier way which will help you build momentum and motivation.
  3. Another way to make a change in your habits is to set up your environment to help you succeed. Examples of this include keeping healthier foods stocked in your kitchen, packing your lunch the night before a busy morning, keeping your gym clothes/shoes at work, or decluttering your desk to maximize productivity. This extra step of setting up your environment is a powerful way to keep yourself consistent and have your habit change be at the forefront of your mind.

Try out these 3 tips to get you started on changing your habits little by little overtime and see your success rate grow until you reach the point when you’re doing it without even thinking about it!

Want more tips or to set up a complimentary consultation with Emily? Email her at!

Check out FFC’s July playlist, curated by Chicago DJ duo Milk n Cooks! Paul and James are twin brothers who started their lives as athletes that always loved being in the fitness world. They developed into music producers and DJs and now are figuring out creative ways to combine both of those passions.

They will be spinning live at the Raise on the Roof rooftop fitness party at FFC Elmhurst on Friday, 26 – which will raise money to find a cure for ALS. Visit for more info and to get your ticket!! Event will start with a high-energy cardio class set to live tunes and conclude with mingling, light bites and cocktails, the opportunity to win some amazing prizes and of course, more live music from Milk n Cooks Music!

Listen to some of their favorite workout tunes below:




The FFC South Loop Facebook group will be your one-stop, all-inclusive location to learn about breaking news, events, staff, education and various other fun information. Stay up to date with everything happening in the club and the fun that our members and team are having! Visit

Sign up with South Loop registered dietitian Dan Larson for a 6 week nutrition program series, starting in November! You can start any week and never miss out. Please contact Dan at for more information about times and pricing.

  • Week 1: Carbohydrates
  • Week 2: Macro & micronutrients
  • Week 3: Popular fad diets
  • Week 4: Nutrition label reading
  • Week 5: Timing of our meals/healthy habits
  • Week 6: Mindful eating

It’s FFC South Loop’s 14th anniversary! From May 28 – 31, we’ll be celebrating 14 incredible years with an open house, which will include raffle prizes, giveaways, snacks and more. Find us from 5:30 – 7:30 PM on 5/29 and from 6 – 9 AM on 5/30 for some celebration goodies as an overall thank you for being a member here with us at FFC South Loop!

Join Dominick, Reina and Esau on Sunday, May 5 from 9 – 10 AM as they team-teach Zumba on Cinco de Mayo! Don’t miss this Latin-inspired dance party.

Achieve a better workout & more nutrition efficiency (and see better results) – check out the Metabolic Roadshow! From April 23 through May 9, you can complete a VO2 Max or Resting Metabolic Rate (RMR) test at the Metabolic Cart!

What are these tests for?

Both tests would be appropriate for anyone who has plateaued at a specific weight and wants to get out of that rut, all Myzone users, or someone training for a specific goal (marathon, ironman, build mass, lose weight, etc).

Questions? Email! Or our own registered dietician Dan Larson at!