We hope you are enjoying the holiday season so far! Please be aware of the following holiday operating schedule for December 24 – January 2, 2019. Have a safe, happy and healthy season and new year!

Monday, December 24 
All clubs: close at 5 PM

Tuesday, December 25
Old Town, Union Station: closed
All other clubs: 7 AM – 1 PM

Wednesday, December 26

All clubs: regular hours resume; 24-hour clubs open at 4:30 AM

Monday, December 31
All clubs: close at 6 PM

Tuesday, January 1
Old Town, Union Station: closed
All other clubs: 7 AM – 5 PM

Wednesday, January 2

All clubs: regular hours resume; 24-hour clubs open at 4:30 AM

It’s the most wonderful time of the year – gift cards are here! Whether for a loved one, friend or yourself (we won’t tell), gift cards are a great way to give the gift of fitness. Starting today, you’ll receive a $25 bonus card for every $100 worth of gift cards you purchase! *Limit of […]

December is here and so is a brand new Workout of the Month! FFC Austin Head, personal trainer at FFC Union Station, has designed a well-rounded routine for you to try featuring the TRX Atomic push-up , which is a great way to shake up your routine and movement patterns. Check out the full workout here: https://ffc.com/monthlyworkout/

Movement Highlight: TRX Atomic push-up = start the movement in a “hands and toes” plank while feet are in the TRX loops. Place hands directly below your shoulders, with your spine in a neutral position. Perform the push-up, then drive knees into the chest, return back to the “hands and toes” plank position and repeat.

Pilates Exercise of the Month: Lower/Lift = lying on a mat, lift the head and shoulders. Place the hands behind the head, stacked with wide elbows. Extend legs to 90 degrees. Lower the legs to 45 degrees, and lift back up to 90 degrees. Do 4-8 stretches.

Nutrition Tip of the Month: During the holidays, pay attention to your body’s hunger and fullness cues by eating slowly and appreciating the different tastes and qualities of your food. Skip the guilt around eating and enjoy!

Smoothie of the Month: Gingerbread (almond milk, banana, vanilla whey, chai, oats, nutmeg and ginger powder)

Group Exercise Class of the Month: Critical Mass = this total-body workout is designed to build muscular strength, increase bone density and maintain lean body mass with the emphasis on full range of motion exercises done with heavier weights and less repetition.

The holiday craziness is here and so is the need to take time for self-care! It’s important to make sure you’re not getting burnt out, between work responsibilities, family gatherings, holiday parties and everything else that comes with the season. Take advantage of these specials for December!

2 90-Minute Deep Tissue Massages for $250
Sessions expire one year from date of purchase – available at all spas except Elmhurst.

FFC Facial & 60-Minute Massage for $180
Sessions expire one year from date of purchase – available at West Loop, Oak Park, Park Ridge, Lincoln Park and Gold Coast locations.

Ortanic three pack of tans for $125
Package must be purchased in December and expire one year from date of purchase. Ortanic is available at FFC West Loop, Lincoln Park and Gold Coast.

Don’t spend the Holiday Season in pain! Here are some things our Physical Therapists can do for you:

  • Physical therapists are trained diagnosticians. You do not need a physician’s referral to start physical therapy with our clinical experts… visit us today!
  • Physical therapists can help with a cardiovascular program and improve your sport performance.
  • Physical therapists treat balance disorders. A balance test with a physical therapist is a great way to put aside fears, improve strength and coordination and lessen symptoms.
  • Physical therapists treat neck pain and headaches, too. By getting to the root cause of headaches, physical therapists can often stop them before they start.

If you are experiencing any of these issues or have sustained a recent injury, please see one of our clinicians for a complimentary injury screen and experience the power of physical therapy!

  • FFC East Lakeview – walk-ins welcome
  • FFC Boystown – December 11; 4 – 6 PM & December 19; 4 – 6 PM
  • FFC Lincoln Park – walk-ins welcome
  • FFC Oak Park – December 18; 4 – 6 PM
  • FFC Park Ridge – December 11; 2:30 – 4:30 PM
  • FFC South Loop – December 4; 4 – 6 PM & December 27; 7 – 8 PM
  • FFC Union Station – December 12; 11:30 – 1 PM
  • FFC West Loop – December 11; 4:15 – 5 PM

Whatever holiday you celebrate in December, I can bet there will be food, drinks, and desserts involved. As a Registered Dietitian, I have seen firsthand the challenges that come with the holiday season, and I can also guarantee that those challenges won’t end once January 1st comes.

There will always be challenges, and learning to enjoy the holiday or event without overdoing it is a year-round skill. Now is a perfect time to start practicing mindful eating, to help you avoid having to “cleanse” in January. Here’s a few tips to get started:

  1. Live in the moment. Remember that holidays are about family and friends, and practice that at each event. Spend time making connections and catching up, not standing near the appetizer table. Make memories you’ll remember, not ones that alcohol will make you regret.
  2. Enjoy your favorite foods. For some, this might mean bringing a favorite vegetable dish to share with the family. For others, this might mean feeling absolutely no guilt for enjoying a slice of your favorite pie, as long as you chew slowly and savor every bite. The point is – you need to decide what’s truly important to you to indulge on, not what everyone else wants.
  3. Get to know your own hunger cues. With my clients, I use a hunger scale to dive deep into how they’re actually feeling throughout the day. To make it easy. here’s 2 guidelines:
  • Always ask yourself “am I really hungry?” before grabbing for a snack or an extra serving. If you’re just bored or stressed, try going for a walk. If you really like the taste of the food, pack some to go to save for later or the next day when you can answer “yes” to that question.
  • On the same token, make sure you eat when you are truly hungry. Have a snack filled with protein and fiber an hour or so before an event. If you show up hungry, that appetizer table will look much more enticing.

Enjoy the holidays without guilt, and without a need for “undoing” it come January. Balance is key! See an RD at FFC to help you maneuver the holidays while still enjoying them.

Pilates is a fun, challenging and dynamic workout that is great for anyone. Help keep that “winter body” in check by strengthening/stretching those short, cold-affected muscles. Group apparatus classes are an ideal addition to any training program, emphasizing strength and flexibility while using fluid muscle movements to correct and avoid muscular imbalance. Sign up for 4 or 8 classes at https://ffc.com/product/pilates-group-apparatus-training/ and schedule your December classes today through the FFC app.

Class times vary. Contact Kristin at kstrom@ffc.com for questions.

Learn new swim strokes while improving your swim technique with coached swim technique group workouts for triathletes and swimmers!

  • Enhance your swim fitness
  • Open to all levels of swimmers
  • Complimentary first lesson – join in anytime!

Fitness Formula Clubs’ Adult Group Swim Technique classes are coached swim lessons run by our SwimMonster US Masters Swim (USMS) Club and coached by certified U.S. Masters Swim (USMS), American Swim Coaches Association (ASCA), and USA Triathlon (USAT) certified coaches. From first timers just learning to swim, to seasoned masters swimmers and Ironman triathletes, all ages and experience levels are welcome in these classes.

All FFC Endurance programs are 100% intimidation-free, meaning FFC members can attend a complimentary lesson before committing to a full training program in a supportive, educational environment. Stop by the pool deck, join us for a complimentary workout, and ask our FFC endurance coaches for more information. Non-members who live in the Chicagoland area can also sign up for a free trial at ffc.com/try-tri. Questions can be directed to endurance@ffc.com.

Popular Locations, Dates & Times:

Swim Tech I: Open to All Levels of Swimmers

  • Lincoln Park: Thursdays at 6:00 PM (and 7:30 PM May-August)
  • Park Ridge: Thursdays at 6:00 PM
  • Lincoln Park: Saturdays at 10:00 AM

Swim Tech II: Build Strength and Endurance

  • Gold Coast: Tuesdays at 6:30 AM
  • West Loop: Tuesdays at 6:30 PM
  • Oak Park: Tuesdays at 6:45 PM
  • Park Ridge: Tuesdays at 6:00 AM
  • Lincoln Park: Fridays at 6:30 AM

Swim Tech III: Advanced Swimming for Triathletes and Masters Swimmers

  • Lincoln Park: Mondays 5:30 PM
  • Park Ridge: Saturdays 8:00 AM


Hit the ground running this holiday season and perform at your peak by individualizing your plate! Work with your club’s registered dietitian to learn how to maximize your results through proper nutrition (which can be especially helpful for the holiday season). You can also work with your RD through the Nutrition Solutions monthly program, coaching sessions, grocery store tours and pantry makeovers for ongoing support and accountability.


The CardioCoach CO2 Metabolic Cart will help you perform at your peak! Look for the FFC “Metabolic Roadshow” seminars at your club this summer based on the schedule below and learn how you can see your real time fat metabolism while you work out with the new CardioCoach phone app bundled with a Myzone heart rate monitor!

With RMR and VO2 Max testing now available across most FFC clubs, you can now learn more about your true metabolism, tailor your workouts and heart rate monitors to match your unique physiology, and discover ways to make positive changes to your eating habits.

To learn more and register for either service, contact metabolictesting@ffc.com or visit http://tinyurl.com/ffc-metabolic-options

New Testing Locations now available!

RMR and VO2 testing now available at FFC West Loop, FFC Gold Coast, FFC Park Ridge, FFC Oak Park, and FFC Lincoln Park! Purchase online at ffc.com/shop.

Check out FFC’s December playlist, curated by FFC Oak Park Manager on Duty Alisha Weber!

About Alisha: I am a chocolate-eating, nocturnal powerhouse of activity. You’ll find me reading books with coffee in my hand, any time of the day or night. I am also overconfident in my singing abilities, so come in at midnight and listen to me carol my way around the gym this Christmas season!


Why music is so important related to fitness: Music helps you keep in rhythm, like listening to your heartbeat. It is good for all activities with a set time limit, and can help you forget to look at the clock. I tend to listen to heavier music while exercising but I’m a big fan of soft melodies to lull me to sleep. Music helps you stay motivated and in the zone.

Go-to workout song: It’s not on this list. Second favorite: “Make Me Bad” by Korn.