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Offerings In Chicago

Woman using battleropes with her personal trainer.

Personal Training

Take advantage of our certified, elite training staff at our 10 locations. Dedicated to providing you with an individualized, motivating and fun approach to fitness training, our Chicago trainers will help you reach your short and long-term fitness and wellness goals. Our team serves as a personal support system to help with motivation and accountability, and they will equip you with the necessary knowledge to feel confident and comfortable on the fitness floor.

Woman using a Pilates apparatus.


No matter what your background or fitness level, Pilates will strengthen and lengthen your body to help you look, perform and above all, feel better. Our expert team of instructors teaches Reformer Pilates and mat Pilates to all levels at each of our Chicago locations.

Chicago Fitness Training MAT®


Pickleball is a raquet sport similar to tennis, ping pong and badminton. Typically played in 2 vs. 2 fashion on a badminton-sized court, players use rectangular paddles to hit a wiffle ball back and forth. Available at 5 of our locations, our Pickleball offerings include open play, lessons, leagues, court rentals and more for all ages.

Chicago Fitness Training Woman Swimming Laps


Jump right in! Eight of our 10 gym locations have beautiful indoor lap pools and three clubs even feature outdoor recreation pools! With group fitness classes, swim lessons for children and adults and privately-coached endurance sessions, our pools have something for everyone.

Chicago Fitness Training MAT®

Recovery Lounge

The Recovery Lounge will help improve the quality of your everyday life through six specific technology tools focused on better movement and recovery. Move Better. Feel Better! Available at FFC Gold Coast.

Chicago Fitness Training Man At Climbing Wall

Climbing Wall

Available at two of our suburban Chicago locations, climbing is not just a physical endeavor for fitness training. Climbing is also a great way to develop problem-solving skills and challenge yourself in a completely new way. We offer classes for both adults and children as well as team building opportunities.

The Faction group fitness class participants.

The Faction

Rebel against your fitness routine with The Faction. These serious workouts are held on the turf and are led by coaches that motivate and inspire you to perform at your best. These sessions at our Chicago gyms incorporate Myzone heart-rate training, which provides you with beneficial information about your fitness performance, heart rate zones and statistics like calories-burned.

Chicago Fitness Training MAT®


Often times, chronic pain is caused by muscle weakness and imbalance in the body. Muscle Activation Techniques® (MAT®) is a revolutionary, scientific and objective approach to correcting pain and tightness in the body. Training can take a toll on the body; incorporate MAT® into your fitness training routine at one of our three Chicago locations.