FFC Gold Coast Recovery Lounge

The way you move determines how you feel!

The Recovery Lounge will help improve the quality of your everyday life through six specific technology tools focused on better movement and recovery.

Photo of a woman using the hypervolt percussion recovery device

Hypervolt Percussion Massage

  • Increases oxygen and blood flow
  • Smooths out the surface of tissue
  • Loosens tendons and ligaments
Woman wearing Normatec compression boots seated in a recliner

Normatec Compression System

  • Speeds up muscle recovery time
  • Reduces soreness
  • Decreases muscle tension and inflammation
  • Increases flexibility and range of motion
  • Reduces swelling and water accumulation
  • Increases blood flow and circulation
Photo of the Hyperice shoulder wrap

Hyperice Cryotherapy System

  • Enhanced and effective icing experience
  • Reduces inflammation, swelling and strains
  • Provides relief from arthritis and other pains
Photo of man wearing the Venom heat recovery device

Venom Heat System

  • Soothes aching muscles
  • Relaxes stiff joints
  • Targets specific areas for maximum effect
Woman Holding the Hyperice vibrating ball while in plank position

Hypersphere Vibrating Ball

  • Increases flexibility and circulation
  • Assists with enhanced range of motion
  • Improves grip strength
Woman using the Viper vibration foam roller on her back

Vyper Vibrating Fitness Roller

  • Promotes recovery from aches and pains
  • Enhances range of motion and pain tolerance
  • Triggers muscle release to increase performance and better movement

Recovery Lounge Pricing

Monthly: $49 for 8, 20 minute sessions. Drop-in rate: $15 for up to 20 minutes.

FFC Gold Coast, located at 1030 N Clark St in Chicago, IL, has partnered with Hyperice to bring you the Recovery Lounge. Their percussion, compression, heat, ice and vibration technologies offer unparalleled benefits to relieve muscular aches and pains, increase circulation and flexibility and help greatly accelerate your body’s recovery time. Move Better. Feel Better!

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