Muscle Activation Techniques®

Perform, Move & Feel Better

How does MAT® work?

Muscle Activation Techniques® (MAT®) teaches that pain and tightness in the body are caused by muscle weakness and imbalance. MAT® is a revolutionary, scientific and objective approach to correcting these issues in the body.

MAT® can increase your mobility, range of motion and joint stability and help you prevent injury and muscle tightness. MAT® addresses the root cause of the muscle tightness or injury – often caused by weak or inhibited muscles – to help restore normal body alignment, improve mobility and performance, and decrease subjective complaints.

Available at East Lakeview, Gold Coast, Lincoln Park and Oak Park.

Who is MAT® for?

MAT® is beneficial for fitness enthusiasts
rehab patients or athletes who are:

  • Seriously concerned about joint health during the aging process
  • Hesitant to exercise or perform to maximum ability due to chronic injury or pain
  • Worried about chronic aches or pains during or post-workout
  • Still and inflexible – and stretching hasn’t helped