What’s Your Day One?

Accomplish it at FFC in 2022!

“I am Juan, and I am learning how to swim!”

We asked our members, “What’s Your Day One?”, and are showcasing 4 of their journeys from Day One to Goal Accomplished in 2022!

Follow Juan’s journey at ffc.com/dayone.

Woman swinging medicine ball.

Your Health Is Your Wealth

Now more than ever, what’s more essential than your mental and physical well-being? At FFC, we’re committed to helping our community achieve results and lead healthier lives. Here’s how we can help:

Turn One Day Into Day One!

In 2021, we asked our members the question, What’s Your Day One? Dozens of members submitted their stories, and we chose four lucky participants to follow during their journeys to turn One Day into Day One in 2022.