Unveiling the Necessity Behind the Luxury: The True Benefits of Massage

In today's fast-paced and stressful world, it is essential to prioritize self-care and find ways to unwind. While many may consider massage as a luxury reserved for special occasions or indulgent spa retreats, it is time to shed light on the…

Elevate Your Fitness Recovery Routine

You’re obsessed with your workout. You can’t stop talking about your favorite HIIT class, the new PR you hit this week, the cool workout machine you’ve been trying, and just how much more energy you have after your 6am gym session. Exercise…
Woman on a massage table

What Is Massage? A Massage Therapist Explains

What is massage? That’s a big question. Anyone who has had a good massage will have a different answer. It’s something you have done once a year, on vacation, every month or twice a week. It’s for discomfort, relaxation, sports performance…
Man in his 30s stretching outside in the snow after a run
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What Is The Best Thing To Do For A Sore Body?

You know that feeling of guilt when you go to the dentist and he or she asks you how often you floss? I get that same feeling when I make an appointment for a massage and the massage therapist asks how often I stretch.  I know that…
Woman using body lotion dispenser

Self Care At Home: 15 Ways To Decompress Right Now

You can’t pour from an empty cup. Secure your own oxygen mask before helping others. Love yourself first. We all know that it’s important to take care of ourselves, but how often are we actually following through with feel-good rituals?…
Woman in camel pose doing yoga on mat in home.
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Feeling Stressed? Learn To Cope With Mindful Movement

Incorporate Pilates, yoga or meditation into your wellness routine to reduce stress and anxiety levels. Read more below. Americans are no strangers to stress. In fact, the United States ranked as the world’s fourth most-stressed country…
White golf ball on a green grass. Golf course. Summer luxury activities.

Calling All Golfers: Try These Exercises To Prevent Or Treat Aches And Pains

With warm weather and blue skies dominating the forecast, Chicagoans are continuing to find socially-distant ways to enjoy the outdoors this summer. Chicago recently entered Phase IV of reopening, bringing with it newly opened parks and outdoor…
Golf ball on tee with blue sky above

Suffering From Neck Pain? Try These 5 Activities Today

Technology has brought many wonderful things to our fingertips. However, an undue side effect of all this technology and constant connectivity is a condition a very large percentage of people suffer from known as “tech neck.” In this day…
Millennial girl relaxing at home on couch, enjoying weekends, empty space

How To Make The Most Of A Mental Health Day

When I moved from sleepy rural Arizona to bustling Chicago, I went from being an underemployed homebody to working multiple gig-based jobs on top of social outings, hobbies, and family commitments. Even my at-the-time stringent yoga schedule…
Fit strong man doing biceps curl in gym

Biceps Brachii: A Misunderstood Muscle & How Massage Can Help

When someone says the word “muscle” to you, what do you think of? Perhaps the pecs or the calves come to mind, but if someone were to ask you to flex your muscles, your go-to muscle would be biceps brachii. Maybe that’s because it is…
Mature entrepreneur suffering from neck pain

Q&A with Massage Therapist Tony Ryan

Ah, the mysteries of getting older. While I think the process has a lot of perks, the gradual increase of aches and pains is definitely not one of them. Luckily, the growing trend of self-care has proven to be a great motivator in paying more…

How to Communicate Your Needs to Your Massage Therapist

“Finding a hairstylist takes time! It’s like dating, except you have to wear the results on your head.” That was one of the first things my hairdresser said to me when we met. Still new to Chicago, I had spent six months looking for…
Woman getting head massage

Feeling Congested? Learn How Massage Therapy Can Help

Stuffy nose, splitting headache and trouble sleeping. Sinus congestion can drain your energy levels for weeks. Did you know that massage therapy can provide relief for sinus congestion, pressure and headaches? Read on to learn how massage can…
Woman washing hands at sick

How to Stay Healthy During Cold and Flu Season

It’s also officially cold and flu season in Chicago. Of course, it’s always best to avoid getting sick in the first place, but if you do come down with a bug, here are some tips to help you get back to better health in a timely fashion.
Pumpkin skincare - benefits of including pumpkin in your beauty routine

Pumpkin Skincare: The Benefits of Including Pumpkin in Your Beauty Routine

Pumpkin seems to be everywhere, but what's the deal with pumpkin skincare? It's awesome. FFC Park Ridge Spa Manager Laura explains why.
Summertime skin care recovery

How to Rehab Your Skin After Summer

Summer can do a real number on our skin - FFC Park Ridge's Laura Moldovan shares some tips for rehabbing your skin after summer.
Add this to your skin care routine: reasons to see an esthetician

Add This to Your Skin Care Routine: 5 Reasons to See an Esthetician

Do you have a skin care routine? You should! If you do, does it involve an esthetician? FFC West Loop esthetician Ari explains 5 reasons why.
Digital detox: do you need one plus how to do a digital detox

How to Do a Digital Detox (After Figuring Out If You Need One)

Jeanne Barker has been with FFC for over 8 years, and in addition to her extensive fitness background, she also specializes in stress management and other wellness topics. She is excited to contribute her expertise to the Formula content platform,…