Man stretching his hamstrings on a Pilates reformer

Looking To Improve Your Mobility? Learn How Pilates Can Help.

Our bodies have the ability to adapt and change based on the positions we place it in every day. This means that if you stop utilizing your joints and muscles in their full range of motion due to poor strength training techniques, injury or…
Woman stretching on a Pilates reformer machine with her Pilates trainer.

Why Pilates Is A Great Choice For Your Next Recovery Day

Recovery is a critical part of sports performance. After we exercise, our bodies need time to rehydrate, repair and grow the muscles we worked and replenish our nutrient stores. Without taking the time to recover, we put ourselves at risk for…
Woman instructing a man on the Pilates apparatus

5 Common Misconceptions About Pilates

Have you ever curiously walked by the Pilates studio at your club wanting to try it (or give it another shot), but stopped yourself assuming that it wasn’t for you? You aren’t alone! The growing popularity of Pilates has piqued the interest…
Pregnant woman touching her belly

The Biggest Myths of Prenatal Pilates, Debunked: My Thoughts

Have you been reading conflicting information about practicing Pilates while pregnant? FFC Pilates instructor Nicole Gibson breaks down the common myths surrounding the topic.
Man on Pilates reformer performing side plank

The Science of Pilates: My Thoughts

FFC Union Station Pilates instructor Nicole Gibson shares her commentary on a great article from IDEA Health & Fitness Association. Article: The Science of Pilates: Research Update via IDEA Health & Fitness Association Article…
Everything you need to know about Pilates before your first class

Everything You Need to Know About Pilates Before Your First Class: My Thoughts

FFC Pilates instructor Nicole Gibson shares everything you need to know about Pilates before your first class and her thoughts on a Women's Health article.
Pilates myths, busted!

Pilates Myths – Busted

Pilates gets a lot of hype - but it's not all hooey! Check out these two articles that bust some common Pilates myths, and an instructor's take on them.
Manly men do Pilates

Yes, Manly Men Do Pilates: A Personal Account Plus Sample Workout by Natasha Tsoutsouris

The constant quest for most Pilates instructors? To get men to do Pilates. And not just any men - but the manliest men ever created. Sure, hearing the occasional professional athlete dude brag about his recent "despite all odds" love for Pilates…
What is Pilates good for, anyway? Here are some benefits of Pilates!

What is Pilates Good for, Anyway? 3 Scenarios Perfect for Pilates & Their Benefits

What is Pilates good for, anyway? Read on for 3 different situations perfect for Pilates.
Pilates testimonial of a trainee to a trainer

Pilates: More Than I Signed Up For – a Testimonial of a Pilates Trainee of His Trainer

Not sure about Pilates? Check out this testimonial from a Pilates trainee about his trainer, FFC Old Town Pilates instructor Natasha T.
My life-changing Pilates transformation pre and post-hip surgery

Pilates Transformation: Pre and Post-Hip Surgery Rehab

Recovering from surgery, or even a minor injury, can be frustrating and discouraging. In the time it takes to recover, the body can change drastically. In 2014 I sustained a hip labral tear and ended up getting surgery to repair it. After surgery,…