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Maria Vazquez – Fighting Negative Fitness Biases and Making Lasting Life Changes with FFC

Maria Vazquez used to be intimidated by the gym. She had the impression that gym-goers were unwelcoming and judgmental of people early in their fitness journey. Her mindset completely shifted when she met the friendly, welcoming, and knowledgeable…
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How Sophie Lester Found Physical and Mental Confidence at FFC

In August of 2021, Sophie Lester was experiencing something that many of us adults have also experienced: burnout. She needed a way to take time for herself and relieve stress. Seeking a way to build physical and mental confidence outside of…
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Emily Oberst’s Road to the Paris 2024 Paralympic Games

Emily Oberst is a 25 year old Wisconsin Native, current Chicago resident, 2020 University of Illinois graduate, AND a member of Team U.S.A’s Women’s Wheelchair Basketball team. She and her team will be competing in the Paris Paralympic…
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Fitness Formula Clubs (FFC) are known by our members to be the best. For 40 years, Fitness Formula Clubs have the best facilities, the best equipment, the best personal trainers, the best group fitness instructors, and so much more. We are…

Honoring Black History Month at FFC

Most of us learned about African American History in school, but we likely did not dive much deeper than research on slavery, the US Civil War and the Civil Rights Movement. There is so much to uncover beyond this; people from the African Diaspora…

Understanding Juneteenth: A Journey to Freedom

Juneteenth, also known as Freedom Day or Emancipation Day, is an annual holiday celebrated on June 19 in the United States. It commemorates the emancipation of enslaved African Americans and holds deep historical significance. On this day in…
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Support These Local Chicago Businesses During National Bike Month

May is National Bike Month, and FFC is partnering with local Chicago neighborhood bike shops for special club events like bike tune-ups, helmet safety clinics, road safety seminars and more! Check out our list of partners below, as well as…
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Shop Local: Support These Chicago Businesses This Holiday Season

It's no secret that 2020 has been a tough year for our local businesses here in Chicago. To spread some cheer this holiday season, we reached out to a few of our fellow small business owners and neighborhood partners to find great gift ideas…
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The 5 Best Indoor/Outdoor Spots in Gold Coast

April is weird. Between the whole ‘in like a lion, out like a lamb’ thing the month before and the old adage ‘April showers brings May flowers’, after… the weather can get confusing - especially here in Chicago. One minute you’re…

Need A New Show To Watch or Book To Read? See Our Recommendations To Fit Any Mood

If you’re anything like me, you alternate between thinking “there’s nothing to do” and “there’s too much media to consume” as we #stayhome and endure the weeks of our shelter-in-place order. After I plowed through season three…
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Best Post-Workout Food Spots in Old Town for Any Situation

There’s a statistic somewhere along the lines of "30% gym, 70% kitchen." In other words, it’s great to be fit and work out in the gym, but the majority of being healthy has to do with nutrition. Food and workouts go together like peanut…
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How To Support Chicago Businesses While Practicing Self-Care

Real talk: how is this quarantine affecting your mental health? I’m an introvert who, on a normal day, loves being home and would choose a quiet, solitary night over just about anything else. But my brain is not pleased with my increase in…
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FFC Featured Playlist – Omar Romero

Omar Romero is a group fitness instructor at FFC South Loop and FFC Union Station. His focus is on HIIT, strength training and obstacle course races. He is a local from Chicago where serves as a technology consultant by day. Check out…
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10 Hidden Lunch Spots Near Chicago’s Loop

Work in the Loop and tired of your usual lunch spots? Try one of these 10 hidden gems near The Loop to add some variety to your midday meal!
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FFC Featured Playlist – Liz Silberman

Liz Silberman is the Membership Director at FFC Boystown and has been with FFC since 2018. She's lived in the Chicago area forever and has a deep connection to Chicago and the Chicago music scene, as her father was a session player in many…
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5 Coffee Shops in Lincoln Park To Help You Escape Chicago Winter

If you've got cabin fever this Chicago winter, check out our top 5 favorites coffee shops in Lincoln Park that transport you to far-away places.
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FFC Featured Playlist – Rachel Gitlevich

This month, we're featuring Rachel Gitlevich's workout playlist! Rachel is a personal trainer at FFC Old Town. She loves helping people feel empowered in their mind, body and soul. Outside of the gym you can find her spending time outdoors,…
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Boystown’s Best Cafes for a Cup of Joe

Despite the crazy fact that only two U.S. states actually produce coffee (Hawaii and California, in case you were wondering), you can bet U.S. citizens drink a LOT of coffee. An average of 3.1 cups per day, in fact! We’ve rounded up a list…
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FFC Featured Playlist – Victor Virgilio

This month, we're featuring Victor Virgilio's workout playlist! Victor is the Operations Manager for FFC Park Ridge. After working in hotel management, Victor decided to follow his passion and work in the health and wellness industry. He…
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Coffee Shops for Any Occasion in Chicago’s South Loop

Coffee can be many things for many people. A ritual. A means of productivity. A necessary evil. Whatever it is for you, we want to help you find the best coffee for any occasion. Here are a few of our favorite coffee shops in Chicago’s South…