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Maria Vazquez – Fighting Negative Fitness Biases and Making Lasting Life Changes with FFC

Maria Vazquez used to be intimidated by the gym. She had the impression that gym-goers were unwelcoming and judgmental of people early in their fitness journey. Her mindset completely shifted when she met the friendly, welcoming, and knowledgeable…
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How Sophie Lester Found Physical and Mental Confidence at FFC

In August of 2021, Sophie Lester was experiencing something that many of us adults have also experienced: burnout. She needed a way to take time for herself and relieve stress. Seeking a way to build physical and mental confidence outside of…
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Emily Oberst’s Road to the Paris 2024 Paralympic Games

Emily Oberst is a 25 year old Wisconsin Native, current Chicago resident, 2020 University of Illinois graduate, AND a member of Team U.S.A’s Women’s Wheelchair Basketball team. She and her team will be competing in the Paris Paralympic…


“It just feels really good to punch something after a long day at work,” said Fitness Formula Clubs (FFC) Member Drew, on taking a Boxing Class at FFC Old Town in Chicago. Maybe you love working on your boxing technique. Maybe you’re…


A VO2 Max Test involves a maximal exercise session conducted on a treadmill or bike, connected to a device that analyzes your exhaled air. The test reveals how much oxygen you utilize during exercise and determines your maximum oxygen consumption…

Group Fitness Class to Try in Chicago: Formula94 with FFC

If you’re anything like me, you love trying group fitness classes in Chicago. You love getting a sweat in, trying out a new class format, and seeing what works best for you. I’ve taken HIIT, barre, Pilates, cycle, and yoga classes. Having…

Elevate Your Fitness Recovery Routine

You’re obsessed with your workout. You can’t stop talking about your favorite HIIT class, the new PR you hit this week, the cool workout machine you’ve been trying, and just how much more energy you have after your 6am gym session. Exercise…
Three orange pickleballs and two paddles set on a court

How To Play Pickleball: Everything You Need To Know About America’s Fastest Growing Sport

The pickleball craze is sweeping the nation - but what exactly is it, how do you play and why is it beloved by so many? We answer everything you need to know about pickleball below. What is pickleball? Pickleball is a raquet sport similar…
Woman standing in Mountain Pose in Yoga Class

Start Practicing Yoga Today With These 3 Tips

I've taught yoga for over 12 years now - four of which have been at FFC. In that time, I've had the privilege to teach all age groups, from people my age (40-ish), to my son's hockey teams, to college students, to people just deciding…
Man in gym holding barbell with weights on it.
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Get Started With Barbell Training By Trying These 3 Exercises

Working on strength training at the gym? If you're comfortable using strength machines, dumbbells and kettlebells, you might be ready to start training with the barbell. The barbell is an advanced tool used to perform compound movements…
Dumbbells on a weight rack in a gym
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Got Dumbbells? Grab A Set And Complete This 15 Minute Workout

Dumbbells are ubiquitous when it comes to exercise equipment. Whether you're walking into a state-of-the-art fitness facility or a hotel gym, you can be certain you'll have a dumbbell rack at your disposal for your workout. Dumbbells are…
FFC Personal Trainer using lat pulldown weight machine at the gym
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Use These Weight Machines At The Gym For A Total Body Workout

When is the last time you used a weight machine at the gym? If strength training is part of your routine, these machines can come in handy, but a lot of gym-goers have no idea how to use these machines. These machines are a great way to introduce…
Woman holding a kettlebell at her shoulder
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New To Kettlebell Training? Try This Kettlebell Workout

When gyms (and just about everything else) shut down in early 2020, did you invest in at-home fitness equipment? Thousands of Americans were clamoring to get their hands on dumbbells, weight plates and kettlebells early during the Covid-19…
Chicago skyline with snow on the ground

How To Stay Motivated To Reach Your Fitness Goals This Holiday Season

The holiday season is once again upon us, and for a lot of us, it's a season full of good old family fun and cheer. Holiday parties stocked with seasonal snacks and festive drinks keep us busy, and when our alarms go off to tell us it's time…
Two women participating in a small group boxing class at a gym

5 Ways To Easily Switch Up Your Exercise Routine

When is the last time you tried something new at the gym? Everyone - from professional athletes to weekend warriors - should vary their exercise routine from time to time. The pros have an advantage over the rest of us since they usually have…
Image of a woman stepping onto an aerobics step

The Evolution of Group Fitness: From Aerobics To Modern Day Fitness Classes

At Fitness Formula Clubs, we know that our members value variety when it comes to their fitness routines. Our members have the option of hitting the fitness floor for a solo weight-lifting session, diving into one of our indoor pools to swim…
Photo of a hand hovering over an electronic weekly planner

How To Schedule Your Weekly Workouts According To A Personal Trainer

As a personal trainer, one of the questions I'm asked most frequently from new clients is: how should I schedule my weekly workouts? If you are wondering how many times to lift during the week or how many cardio sessions you should do to reach…
Man teaching outdoor spin class

Cross Training Your Group Fitness Workouts: How Taking Different Instructors And Formats Can Breathe New Life Into Your Program

Admit it: you have your favorite group fitness instructors whose classes you take from week to week. You reschedule meetings, change Friday night plans and show up late to Sunday brunch just to take their classes. For instructors, having a…

Try This Full Body Dumbbell Workout On Your Next Strength Day

Now that restrictions have been lifted and we are back to a more comfortable state in our local gyms, some of you might be wondering where to start when returning to a regular fitness routine. If you are a new member at FFC, I highly recommend…
Two men walking outside in the sunshine

Using Your WorkOUT to WorkIN: 3 Ways To Tune In To Your Mind/Body Connection During Exercise

If you’re reading this blog, most likely you are a fan of working out. Our FFC clubs are bursting with enthusiastic members who LOVE a great workout, amiright?! Most of the time we think about exercise as an output and it’s done on autopilot;…