“It just feels really good to punch something after a long day at work,” said Fitness Formula Clubs (FFC) Member Drew, on taking a Boxing Class at FFC Old Town in Chicago. Maybe you love working on your boxing technique. Maybe you’re like me and you have no boxing technique, but you love taking group fitness classes in Chicago. Or maybe you’re like Drew, and you find boxing to be a great way to destress. Whatever the case may be, I’m here to tell you about three boxing classes in Chicago at FFC Old Town that you’re bound to fall in love with.

What Classes does the FFC Old Town Boxing Studio Have to Offer?

Despite my lack of boxing skills, I took the Monday night “On the Ropes” Class at FFC Old Town and loved it! “On the Ropes” is one of three class options at the Boxing Studio. Like almost all group fitness classes at FFC, the three class options are developed in-house by FFC’s Group Fitness Managers. I spoke with the “On the Ropes” Instructor and FFC Group Fitness Manager, Lara Mele, before the class to learn more. She described all three of the class formats:

List of the Three Boxing Classes in Chicago offered at FFC Old Town.


The Contender Boxing Class is the most similar to your standard boxing class. This one is for those of you who just really love the art and skill of boxing. Using just your bodyweight, this class offers six rounds of boxing; three minutes on, followed by three minutes off. Grab your gloves (the studio has them for you to use!), and prepare for boxing, strength, and mobility work!

On the Ropes

This is the class that I took. As someone who loves group fitness and working up a sweat, this class was perfect for me. On the Ropes incorporates boxing, battle ropes, TRX bands, and jump ropes. Beginning with a brief warmup, the class launched into 2 rounds of each of the four elements (boxing, battle ropes, TRX, and jump ropes), spending 3 minutes on each exercise. Following the rounds, we finished with a guided stretch. The class definitely did its job of getting my heartrate up; I was more than ready for the stretch at the end! With so much moving around, On the Ropes went by very quickly and I left having had a ton of fun and feeling like I got a great workout in.

Heavy Hitter

Looking to let off some steam like Drew before or after a long day? The Heavy Hitter class is half boxing and half strength training. A bit slower paced, this class works on your boxing technique and uses dumbbells to mix in strength training. As someone who needs improvement on my boxing skills and loves incorporating weights into my workouts, I can’t wait to try this format next.

Why Box?

Besides relieving stress and being a fun way to workout, Lara filled me in on all of the other benefits of boxing. I noticed the cardiovascular benefits of the On the Ropes class right away. All three FFC boxing class formats will improve your cardiovascular health by increasing your heart rate.

The upper body work that boxing requires is easy to spot as well. A less obvious benefit is the lower body work; boxing incorporates your legs and glutes as well, creating an efficient workout for your full body.

In addition to the visible benefits, boxing also provides incredible mental stimulation. Learning how to use the best technique, throwing the correct punches, and learning proper footwork will improve your coordination in the Boxing Studio and in everyday life. All of these benefits, both physical and mental, improve strength and build confidence.

How to Prepare?

This was my first boxing class, and I felt totally comfortable. The boxing classes at FFC are free for all FFC Members. Not an FFC Member? Sign up for a free trial and you can try your first class free! All you need to bring is yourself, clothes to workout in (including comfortable tennis shoes), and water. Bring boxing gloves if you have them, but FFC has some if not. I’d suggest arriving a few minutes early to get comfortable, meet Lara (or whoever is instructing your class that day!), and grab your equipment! I guarantee you’ll walk out feeling stronger than when you walked in. 

Post Written by FFC Marketing Manager Sydney Meyer.