Elevate Your Fitness Recovery Routine

You’re obsessed with your workout. You can’t stop talking about your favorite HIIT class, the new PR you hit this week, the cool workout machine you’ve been trying, and just how much more energy you have after your 6am gym session. Exercise is your hobby, your way to relieve stress, and the highlight of your weeks. You want to hit the gym every day that you can. It’s the best feeling, and anyone who gets it, gets it.

I’m so excited that you love your fitness routine. I want you to stay committed and consistent, getting better, faster, and stronger by the day. I want to check in and make sure that you’re remembering one thing. This thing is arguably the most important part of your workout, the part that allows you to show up as your best self throughout your training and beyond: fitness recovery.

It’s a super easy step to neglect. To help, let’s find a recovery routine that brings us just as much joy as our workout routine. We’ll start with the basics: warm up beforehand, stretch afterward, sleep 7-9 hours on a consistent basis, and fuel the body with proper nutrition. Find fun warmups and stretches, notice the improved mental and physical health benefits of adequate sleep, and recognize the increased energy you have when you eat healthy. I have a few additional tools to add to our recovery routines, all which can be found in the FFC Chicago Recovery Lounges* at FFC Gold Coast, FFC West Loop, and FFC Oak Park, which will have us actually looking forward to the time we spend recovering from our workouts.

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CryoLounge Chairs

Enhance your Fitness Recovery Routine in Chicago with CryLounge Chairs.

You know those people who swear by ice baths? Ice baths and cold showers are a great tool to use for post-workout recovery by easing muscle soreness, decreasing inflammation, boosting immunity, and helping you get back into the gym faster after a hard day of training. If you’re into them, that’s great. But if you’re like me, you have no interest in putting yourself through that unique form of torture. I have a solution: CryoLounge Chairs. These chairs resemble massage chairs, and use cold and hot zones to target soreness or minor aches and pains, while simultaneously applying heat for comfort (to avoid the torture that is an ice treatment). Ease muscle fatigue, recover faster, and actually enjoy the experience.

Normatec 3 Compression System

Think back to the best massage you’ve ever had. Now imagine that you can get that same feeling after your workout. That’s what you’ll get when using the Normatec 3 Leg Compressions by Hyperprice. These boots were designed by Laura F. Jacobs, MD, PhD, and have been used by pro-athletes for over a decade. The science-backed boots use dynamic air compression to increase circulation and relieve pain, soreness and tension. Every body recovers differently, which is why Normatec 3 utilizes patented pulse technology and 7 levels of compression to deliver a recovery experience unique to the individual. The lymphatic drainage that the boots cause create the same sensation as a massage. That’s all I need to hear to prioritize this form of recovery after my workouts.

Enhance your Fitness Recovery Routine in Chicago with the Normatec 3 Compression System.

Massage Chairs

Enhance your Fitness Recovery Routine in Chicago with Massage Chairs.

So you’ve given your legs a massage: how about the rest of your body? A massage chair is crucial for fitness recovery, providing targeted relief for backaches and headaches while releasing endorphins for improved mood. They also reduce stress, anxiety, and muscle tension, promoting better circulation and immunity. While offering all of these benefits, adding a massage chair to your workout recovery will likely serve as the highlight of your recovery routine.

Hypervolt Percussion Massage

The Hypervolt percussion massage device offers 5 variable speeds, making it adaptable to individual preferences and needs. Its deep tissue massage capabilities contribute to faster recovery by targeting muscle tightness and promoting increased blood flow, and provide another reason for you to look forward to your recovery. You’ll become addicted to this one. It loosens muscles and increases flexibility, which will allow you to keep up your fitness routine with reduced risk of injury. No matter your goals in the gym, the Hypervolt will provide your body with the reset it needs to keep going.

Enhance your Fitness Recovery Routine in Chicago with the Hypervolt Percussion Massage.

Hypersphere Vibrating Ball

Enhance your Fitness Recovery Routine in Chicago with the Hypersphere Vibrating Ball.

The Hypersphere vibrating ball serves as another tool for post-workout recovery, easing muscle tension while utilizing deep tissue massage capabilities. In addition to tension relief, the Hypersphere contributes to increased flexibility and circulation, supporting enhanced range of motion and preventing stiffness. Its vibrational technology not only aids in recovery but also promotes improved grip strength, making it a go-to companion for those of us that love fitness. Incorporating the Hypersphere into your recovery routine can be a game-changer, ensuring that your body receives the care it needs to perform at its best.

Vyper Vibrating Fitness Roller

Finally, I want to introduce you to the Vyper Vibrating Fitness Roller. Designed for efficiency, it actively promotes recovery from aches and pains while enhancing range of motion and pain tolerance. The roller’s targeted vibrations trigger muscle release, soothing discomfort and improving overall performance. Enjoy your recovery with the Vyper, a compact powerhouse for optimal fitness recuperation.

Enhance your Fitness Recovery Routine in Chicago with the Vyper Vibrating Fitness Roller.

Now, there are a couple things I would love to know from you after being introduced to these Recovery Lounge tools:

  1. What fitness recovery practices do you swear by? Is there a certain stretch that you love doing, or one of the tools listed above that you’re just as obsessed with as your workout?
  2. Have you been to one of the FFC Chicago Recovery Lounges? How have the tools offered there improved your recovery routine?
  3. How has your recovery routine helped you with your workout? Have you been able to come back to the gym more often with less pain?

Not an FFC Chicago member? Join here today. Already a member? Signature and Premier FFC Members have the Recovery Lounge included in their membership – upgrade here today. Let’s work together to find fun, enjoyable ways to look forward to our fitness recovery. We all recover differently. Mix in the tools offered in the FFC Recovery Lounges with your other favorites to piece together the recovery equation that works best for you, so you can keep showing up as your strongest self for your favorite workout!

Post written by FFC Marketing Manager, Sydney Meyer.