Sugar cubes on a pink background

Got Questions About Sugars And Sweeteners? We’ve Got Answers.

Are you confused about which sugars are “healthy” or which sweeteners are “safe” to consume? Are you wondering what about the difference between the two types of sweetness? If curiosity is calling, this blog is for you! We will address…
Woman drinking water out of a water bottle outside

Optimizing Your Metabolism With Nutrition, Lifestyle And Physical Activity

Metabolism is a tricky topic. Every day, whether I’m seeing clients at FFC, talking to friends or getting served a targeted Instagram post, I hear/see the words metabolism or hormones. It’s hard to pinpoint exactly how each individual person’s…
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How To Enhance Your Longevity Through Nutrition

In 1950, life expectancy in the United States was between 60-70 years of age. In 2015, it was between 70-80 years of age. The global average life expectancy increased from 46 years to 71 years over that same timeframe. This might not be new…
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10 Tips To Help You Conquer Emotional Eating According To A Registered Dietitian

Do you struggle with eating too much or eating less healthy food when you're bored, stressed or anxious? Here are 10 tips to help you get a handle on emotional eating. 1. Keep A Food Diary Be sure to write down what, when, how much you…
Person with a dietary supplement pill in their hand.

What You Should Know Before Taking Dietary Supplements

The use of dietary supplements seems to be more popular than ever, with more than three quarters of Americans taking them yearly. However, only about a quarter of supplement users have confirmed test results indicating a nutrient deficiency.…
Notebook outlining SMART goals

5 Secrets To Keeping Your New Year’s Resolution

Welcome to 2021! Another year has come and gone. What a year 2020 was, am I right? With every new year comes new goals and possibly a New Year’s resolution. Did you know: research shows that only 8% of those who set New Year’s resolutions…
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The Truth About Intermittent Fasting

The health and wellness space is no stranger to diet trends. Joining the ranks of celery juice and ketogenic diets in popularity this year is intermittent fasting (IF). And while intermittent fasting has been making headlines, does this trending…
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Simple Ways to Incorporate Plant-Based Proteins Into Your Diet

More and more frequently, I'm hearing my clients set goals to eat fewer animal products. Whether it's because their doctor recommended it, their friend is trying it or they've heard it's good for the planet, I'm all about this direction of behavior…

Finding Balance in Your Diet and Challenging Your Food Guilt

When it comes to eating a balanced diet, don't let your mind run the show. An indulgence every now and then won't ruin your healthy choices, and feelings of food guilt can and should be challenged.
Sugar cravings causes and how to combat them

Sugar Cravings – Causes & What They Might Mean

When it comes to sugar cravings causes and ways to combat them, FFC Gold Coast registered dietitian Chelsea rice is an expert. Here are her tips!
Smart grocery shopping tips: shopping only the perimeter is a myth

Smart Grocery Shopping Tips: You Don’t Only Have to Shop the Perimeter

Only shop the perimeter? MYTH! RD Amy Silver breaks down smart grocery shopping tips, and how they definitely include the inner aisles too. Check it out!
Keto bodybuilding: is it possible?

Keto Bodybuilding: Is It Possible?

Keto bodybuilding: is it possible? FFC Oak Park trainer shares some insights and tips for a bodybuilding on a keto diet.
Farmers Markets 101: reasons to shop at your city's farmers markets

Farmers Markets 101: Reasons to Shop at Your City’s Farmers Markets

Warm weather brings awesome farmers markets - here are 5 reasons why you need to start shopping local, at your city's farmers market!
My resting metabolic rate test experience and what I learned

My Resting Metabolic Rate Test Experience & What I Learned

Ever heard of a resting metabolic rate analysis? Check out this post about why you should consider having an RMR test done and what you can learn.
How I meal prep lunch for a week plus helpful tips for meal prep

How I Meal Prep Lunch for a Week Plus Helpful Tips for Meal Prep

My friends and coworkers often ask me about weekly meal prep. I am very passionate about healthy eating. In multiple conversations with friends and coworkers, I have noticed most people want to do it, but find it difficult to justify the time…