Looking to recover from the hustle and bustle of the holidays? We can help. Check out these great spa offers for January!

Lift & Glow Facial for $110

This lifting and firming facial will help your skin recover after exhaustion from the holidays!

No two discounts apply. Service must be received by January 31, 2020. Offer valid at all FFC locations.

Vitality Signature 90 Minute Massage for $140
This 90 minute massage includes includes dry brushing, foot treatment, hot stone back massage and full body massage. Lift your mind, body and spirit to start the year feeling your best!

Services expire one year from date of purchase. No two discounts apply. Offer valid at all FFC locations.

Goal Setting for the New Year by Chelsea Stegman, RD at FFC Lincoln Park

It’s that time of year again. People are saying “new year, new me” and goals (some more realistic than others) are being set. According to The Personality and Social Psychology Bulletin, roughly 55% of New Year’s goals are health related. Here are a few tips to set realistic and attainable goals this year, without going from 0 to 60.

Analyze your priorities and your time.
We all have the same amount of hours in a day. What we devote those hours to, however, varies from person to person. Do you feel like your overall health is struggling? Chances are you are devoting more time and energy to another area in your life. I would challenge you to take a look at how your time is spent and ensure that it reflects your priorities.

Look for bright spots and potential barriers.
With goal setting, it is only natural to come across challenges. It is important to look into our pasts to better overcome these challenges. Chances are, this goal is similar to something you have strived for in the past. Look for the “bright spots,” or things that have worked well for you in the past, and try to do more of these. Also, make a list of anything that could get in the way of your goal. This will help you to problem solve and work around these barriers.

Focus on habits.
Yes, you do have an overall end goal, yet it is the repeated habits that help you accomplish it. It takes time to form a habit, so it is important to cut yourself some slack and strive for progress and not perfection. Specifically regarding nutrition, most people know more than they think they do. For example, they know they should be drinking more water, but they struggle with actually doing it. It is the behavior change that fills in this gap and gets you to the end goal.

Write it down.
Where do you want to be in 6 months? One year? Having these goals in writing improves the likelihood of you accomplishing it. Break down the big goal into small weekly goals to cross off your list. Scientifically, some people experience a dopamine release when goals are accomplished. This will make you want to repeat this behavior.

For questions or to set up a nutrition appointment, contact Chelsea at cstegman@ffc.com.

Looking for new workout tunes? Look no further! This month, we’re featuring Rachel Gitlevich’s workout playlist! Rachel is a personal trainer at FFC Old Town. She loves helping people feel empowered in their mind, body and soul. Outside of the gym you can find her spending time outdoors, practicing yoga and attending live music events.

Check out Rachel’s featured playlist on our Spotify channel.

Rachel Gitlevich

In our continuing efforts to provide superior service and improve the club for the enjoyment of our members and guests, we are excited to announce a few recent upgrades:

  • We have added four new rowing machines to the fitness floor.
  • We have added two new squat rack platforms on the main level of the club! We now have 3 full squat rack platforms to go along with our Smith Machine and walk up rack.
  • We have replaced the old worn out platforms in our Performance Training Center with a brand new multifunctional dual squat rack that includes brand new bumper weight plates, multiple pull up bars and 2 rotational Landmine barbell holders.

Questions? Please email General Manager Bob at bdowdy@ffc.com.

Our new group fitness schedule begins on January 6. Check out the upcoming changes and additions to the schedule:

Triple Threat: Mondays at 6 PM
Maximize your workout with 15 minutes of cardio, 15 minutes of strength and 15 minutes of core.

Critical Mass: Wednesdays at 9 AM
This total body resistance workout is designed to build muscular strength, increase bone density and maintain lean body mass with the emphasis on full range of motion exercises done with heavier weights and less repetition.

Formula 94: Thursdays, now at 6:15 PM

Double Up on Saturdays
9:45 AM Spin followed by 10:30 AM Total Body Blast with Tiffany

Sunday Schedule Changes
Formula 94 now at 9 AM
Chisel now at 9:45 AM
Spin now at 10:30 AM

Questions about group fitness? Please email Group Fitness manager Lara at lmele@ffc.com.

Starting December 7, Faction Fit Fight Club will be taking over the turf on Saturdays at 11 AM! We are now partnering with Faction to make the ultimate strengthening, high intensity and conditioning program. We will incorporate intermediate boxing technique, mitt holding, punching, defense and movement with conditioning and strengthening exercises to give you the best workout of your week.

This class serves as an intermediate or beginners program for people interested in progressing to our Masters Boxing/Kickboxing class on Saturdays at 12 PM! You would need to commit to 8 total Faction Fit Fight Club classes (2 months) in order to be tested into the advanced level boxing class.

The new and improved Faction Fit Fight Club is now priced at Faction rates, so for a monthly commitment of $99 you receive unlimited Faction classes INCLUDING our Faction Fit Fight Club every Saturday at 11 AM.

Andres from FFC Lincoln Park

Andres Roldan, FFC Lincoln Park’s Elite Trainer/Boxing/Kickboxing instructor, will be teaching class as well as supervising boxing technique and form. Please contact Andres with questions or to sign up at aroldan@ffc.com.

Looking to improve your performance or just curious about your metabolism? FFC Lincoln Park’s Registered Dietician, Chelsea Stegman, shares how metabolic testing can help you reach your goals more efficiently:

You may have seen signs around the club or demos being performed, but the concept of metabolic testing seems foreign to most. The RMR and VO2 test can be very beneficial in performance, weight loss and weight gain goals. Here’s how:

VO2 Testing

Some of you may be active My Zone users, and while the pre-set heart rate zones are a useful starting off point, a VO2 test can further help individualize your zones. Beyond that, the VO2 test can give you a “target heart rate,” or a heart rate where you are most efficient at burning fat based on YOUR metabolism. This allows for targeted cardio efforts based on data rather than just shooting in the dark. Interested in assessing your overall endurance and performance? This test can measure your VO2 max, or oxygen consumption, and rank it based on your age range. Your results also connect to an app that allows you to see total calories, fat calories and carb calories burned in real time during exercise.

RMR Testing

Exercise is very important, but what are you doing the other 23 hours of the day? The RMR test specifically measures calories burned while at rest. This gives you a target calorie goal specific to your body composition goals, which allows for more individualized meal planning and/or food tracking. This test also shows us how you use your fuel (fat vs. carbs) to help us better tailor your macronutrients.

For other tips and tricks about increasing energy levels and performance, please reach out to our registered dietitian, Chelsea Stegman, MS, RDN, LDN at cstegman@ffc.com to schedule an appointment!

Please join us in welcoming Jason Lugo and Lesley Lopez to the FFC Lincoln Park Family!

Photo of Jason Lugo

Jason Lugo joins FFC Lincoln Park as our newest massage therapist. At an early age, Jason became fascinated with the workings of the human body and by the physiological reactions that can be produced with a simple touch. In his own fitness/athletic journey, Jason learned that regular massage is an indispensable part of maintaining a high level of physical performance. To schedule an appointment with Jason, shoot him an email at jlugo@ffc.com.

Lesley Lopez is our newest esthetician at FFC Lincoln Park. Lesley is all about skin revision. She loves treatment based facials – she often uses different electrical modalities to enhance a treatment’s efficacy. She loves to look deeper than what the skin presents to the naked eye. Her knowledge in the dynamic, ever-changing skincare/beauty industry ensures that she stays informed with the latest technologies and cutting-edge ingredients in skincare. Lesley enjoys searching for the best and most unique “must have” beauty items and services. Every product she uses for clients has been tried, tested and hand-chosen by Lesley herself for your skin condition and individual concerns.

Lesley’s approach is one that encompasses all of the technical knowledge with a relaxing and soothing touch. A true master of all services offered, all of your skin care needs can be met simply by putting your face in Lesley’s hands.

Schedule an appointment with Lesley today: llopez@ffc.com.

Is your skin starting to feel dry, chapped and irritated? Heal, renew, and hydrate with these must have products from Rhonda Allison, all available for purchase at the FFC Lincoln Park spa!

Picture of skincare products Rhonda Allison brand

Kit Includes:

  • Creamy Milk Cleanser
  • Infuse 7
  • Cucumber Spritz
  • Pro Salve
  • Planning to drop the kiddos off at Kids Club in December? Check out our weekly themes for this month’s activities in the club:

    December 2 – 8: Winter Sports

    December 9 – 22: Let It Snow

    December 23 – 29: Polar Animals

    Plus, we’ll be hosting our Parents Night Out on Saturday, December 21, which will be Winter Wonderland themed.