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Woman in plank position in a group fitness class

We’ve got another challenge for you, members! From July 15 – August 15, attend 10 classes taught by 10 different instructors to complete the Tour de Force challenge. Your progress will be automatically tracked in the FFC+ app! When you complete the challenge, you’ll receive an FFC sling bag!

black FFC logo'd sling bag

For each class to count, please make sure you register and check in for every class via the FFC+ app!

Helpful hints:
-You can only check into a class within 2 hours of the start time.
-You must be at the club to check in to the class.
-You must be connected to cellular or wifi for the check-in to appear
-If your font is set too large on your screen, it can push the check-in button out of view!
-Location services must be on your device.
-You must be registered for the class in order to check in for it.

Questions? Contact Lois Miller at lois.miller@ffc.com.

Must have and use the FFC+ app to participate. Other restrictions may apply. Program runs from July 15, 2022 – Aug 15, 2022. Prizes will be distributed by Aug 31, 2022.


Join us on the outdoor pool deck on Friday, August 26 at 5:30 PM to send off summer in style. We will be holding a Team Teach Dance class that includes elements of Zumba, BollyX, WERQ and Hip-Hop!

Class will be taught by:

  • Dominick Defranco
  • Reina Gold
  • Bega Begi
  • Joanna Jaros

Sign up for class in the FFC+ app! 

Performance Training Turf.

Cardio Strength Training (CST) is coming to FFC West Loop! CST is a station-based circuit program where participants will execute specific movement and timing patterns and will include corrective exercises to test areas of your body you didn’t know existed.  In addition to the high intensity strength and conditioning everyone expects, CST will also address common physical limitations like posture, hip mobility, hamstring length, glute activation and many others.

This 45-minute class will take place on our turf (coming soon!) and will have a small-group training mentality with classes maxing out at 16 people. Classes will utilize equipment like TRX, sandbags, competition kettlebells, landmines, sleds, ski ergs, rowers, dyna balls, bars and dumbbells, among many other accessories.

Sign up today for our CST presale list! The first 100 participants who register will receive their first month free. After that, you can access unlimited CST classes for $100/month. 

As a founding member, you’ll have access to our CST Mixer Group, which includes food and beverage on the pool deck, fitness Q&As, board games and more. 

Contact Drew at dscacciaferro@ffc.com to place your name on the pre-sale founding member list today!

Cabana at West Loop pool

Don’t miss your last chance to end the summer on a high note in one of our cabanas! A pre-booked reservation of $200 gets you $100 in food and drink credit from our Splash Bar.

For the month of August, we are also waiving any guest fees for a cabana booking. The two smaller cabanas hold 4 people and the 3 large cabanas hold 8 people. Treat your friends and family to a fun day in the sun!

For more information on booking a cabana, head to ffc.com/cabanas.

Cabana at West Loop pool

FFC West Loop is ready to help you throw the party of the summer at our outdoor pool! Cabanas are available for rent on our pool deck and your booking fee includes a food and beverage credit from our Splash Bar and much more! 

You can book a cabana now via the FFC+ app! Full details on cabana rentals can be found at ffc.com/cabanas.