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Metabolic Testing

Do you struggle knowing how much food to eat? What about how fast your metabolism is running? Look no further than the gold standard testing machine known as CardioCoach to assess your caloric needs and your metabolic speed! Plus, throughout February, you can receive $40 off a test!

Email Leah at lkostos@ffc.com to book yours today.

Registered dietitian sitting with a client

Did you struggle to reach your fitness goals in 2023? It may have been your nutrition plan. Reaching your fitness goals is 80% what you eat and 20% exercise.

Whether you need a one-time coaching session or more accountability with a structured 3-month program, I’d love to help create a personalized roadmap to get you to your goals this new year!

Contact Leah Kostos at lkostos@ffc.com for more information or to schedule a consultation.

Image of local84 cafe logo

Check out our new Carne Asada bowls in the local’84 Cafe. Fresh veggies, meat, and our house blend seasoning make these a hit for the new year and keep you on track to be healthy. Stop by the cafe to order one today!

Photo of 2 massage chairs and cryotherapy bed

There’s no better way to soothe aching muscles or to just relax in a massage chair and let the world go by. Included in both Signature and Premier membership types – book your ten-minute session via the FFC+ app today!

Two people on a turf pushing weighted sleds during a Faction workout class.

Looking to change up your routine? Stalled in your results? Try our Faction small group training program and receive unlimited monthly classes for $115. This is the perfect way to add some HIIT training to your workouts in a fun, community-based environment. Visit ffc.com/the-faction to learn more!