FFC Park Ridge
Club Programming

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Pickleball paddles and balls

This 4-week program is designed to help you increase your pickleball skills. Join us Mondays in July – September at 10 AM. All levels are welcome!

For more information contact Stephanie at sryan@ffc.com.

Woman lifting weights in an FFC Hiit class.

Intro to Dumbbells

-July 8 at 11 AM

Intro to Machines

-July 22 at 11 AM

Register today in the FFC+ app!

A group of women meditating

Please come and have yourself a calm and soothing evening that raises your vibration with sound frequency.  Join us Thursday, June 8 from 7 – 8 PM to experience musical vibrations from different instruments and a state-of-the-art loop station that will blow your mind and ease your soul. Reserve your spot in the FFC+ app!

Contact Alex at acastillo@ffc.com for more information.

Children playing at daycare Kids Club

Join us on June 10 from 4 – 7 PM for a fun night of carnival-themed games, crafts, pizza, and a fun movie. Ages 3-12. Registration ends Thursday, June 8. Click here to register today!

$30 for members with one child or $40 for members with 2 children. $5 more for non-members.  Contact Dawn at dbrunner@ffc.com for more information!

Apple sitting on the ground

Join us on June 22 at 7 PM for a 1-hour presentation and receive supplemental material to educate teens and their parents on the benefits of proper nutrition while training. Get tips and recipes for the best way to optimize your high school athletic career. This complimentary event will be hosted in the FFC Park Ridge Community Room. All guests are welcome.

For more information contact Leah lkostos@ffc.com.