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3 Friends Stretching On The Turf

Celebrate and move the body you are in – schedule your complimentary training session with Angela. Angela is an ASDAH (Association of Size Diversity and Health) member. She excels in: Weight Inclusivity, Health Enhancement Eating for Well Being, Respectful Care, and Life Enhancing Movement. She strives to make her clients feel powerful in the gym, placing aggression and building strength.

If you are less focused on aesthetics in training style and more about strength, power, aggression release, confidence, and well-being, contact Angela at ainendino@ffc.com for your free, inclusive session today!


Life is busy. Let FFC and Free Form Fitness help you free up time while gaining strength, looking, moving, and feeling better! This small group training program will incorporate mobility flow, landmines, kettlebells, and kickboxing for a dynamic, fun workout on Wednesdays at 6:30 PM! Cost is $32/session or $128 for 4 sessions

Spots are limited, so save yours by contacting Jaron at jmojet@ffc.com.

Members doing a high intensity workout with weights.

Join us for our new group fitness classes being offered in January!

  • Sunrise Salutations – Mondays, 6:30 AM
  • RockStar Ride – Mondays, 6:15 PM
  • ICON – Tuesdays. 9:00 AM
  • Fitcore – Saturdays, 10:45 AM
  • *NEW FORMAT: Progression Obsession – Mondays, 9:00 AM & Saturdays, 10:00 AM

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An attention sign to let members know construction will be going on

Heads up members! FFC East Lakeview will be closed on January 11 due to annual maintenance taking place in the building.

We appreciate your understanding. For additional questions, email Sarah at sfassett@ffc.com.

FFC East Lakeview will resume normal business hours on January 12.

Members taking a group fitness class.

Holidays have you stressed out? Move your body and meet a new workout buddy at the Holiday Hustle Bootcamp! Join Josh on Saturday, December 9 at 10:00 AM on the turf and enjoy a fun conditioning and cardio-based workout.

Sign up in the FFC+ app or email Josh, jambrose@ffc.com for more information.