Intro to Women’s Self Defense Bootcamp

A women in a self defense training session

Arwaa is certified in CFMA (Chinese Filipino Martial Arts) which has a broad scope of
mixed martial arts (boxing, jiu-jitsu, muy thai) and self-defense. This class will focus on the basics of blocking, how to throw the most commonly used punches, and how to create space between you and any potential threat. Each 1-hour class will not only develop a necessary skill but will also be an excellent calorie-burning activity. The cost is $128 for 4 classes each month.

Things to achieve include:

  • Block 1- Catch
  • 1,2 combinations (jab, cross)
  • Kick (front leg)
  • Knee (front leg)
  • Start target practice
  • How to fall (clap out)

Participants will need to purchase Target Boxing Pad and MMA Boxing Gloves for the class. No experience is necessary. Contact Arwaa at for more info.