Summer vacations, especially ones that involve driving to a destination, have long been a staple of American culture. Unfortunately, long hours spent crammed in a packed car can wreak havoc on your body before your vacation even begins. Here are a few tips to keep your road trip comfortable and pain-free!

Don’t forget NovaCare provides you with your very own physical therapist and athletic trainer! Check out the schedule below for the month of June and stop by our centers located in the Fitness Formula Clubs for a complimentary injury screen.

  • FFC East Lakeview – 6/9; 10 – 11 AM
  • FFC Boystown – 6/8; 5 – 7 PM & 6/13; 4 – 6 PM
  • FFC Lincoln Park – 6/22; 5 – 7 PM & 6/27; 5 – 7 PM
  • FFC Oak Park – 6/13; 5 – 7 PM
  • FFC Park Ridge – 6/2; 9 – 11 AM
  • FFC South Loop – 6/26; 7 – 8 PM
  • FFC Union Station – 6/13; 12 – 1 PM
  • FFC West Loop – 6/12; 4:15 – 5 PM


Perform at your peak by individualizing your plate! Work with your club’s registered dietitian to learn how to maximize your results through proper nutrition. You can also work with your RD through the Nutrition Solutions monthly program, coaching sessions, grocery store tours and pantry makeovers for ongoing support and accountability.

To learn more, contact Amy Silver at


The Metabolic Cart will help you perform at your peak this summer. Look for the metabolic cart at your club this summer based on the schedule below. Through RMR and VO2 Max testing with the cart, you can learn more about your body, tailor your workouts to match your metabolism and discover ways to make positive changes to your eating habits.

To learn more and register for either service, contact

  • June – FFC Gold Coast
  • July – FFC West Loop
  • August – FFC Boystown and FFC East Lakeview
  • September – FFC Union Station
  • October – FFC South Loop

It’s not too late to join the FFC triathlon club! Contact to get our FFC team discount code and save $10 off the Chicago Triathlon, plus get a free training plan to stay on track utilizing emails, a phone app, plus Garmin watch and Google Calendar integration!

Training Kickoff, Programs and Services

Chicago Triathlon training just began! Visit for a list of triathlon training kickoff events at a location near you!

For training options, don’t miss our FFC Endurance membership, which includes unlimited swim, bike, run, and performance training, with classes and programs available at FFC West Loop, Oak Park, Park Ridge, Lincoln Park, Gold Coast and more! The FFC Endurance membership also includes outdoor training, open water swimming, clinics, and unlimited use of our Air Relax compression boots at a USA Triathlon Certified Performance Center at FFC Lincoln Park. Private coaching, swim lessons, and performance testing services are also available – contact to inquire!

The spring schedule of classes is now available on the FFC app (sort by “category” endurance and “location” FFC Lincoln Park) or by clicking here:

Join us for some complimentary outdoor doggie yoga this summer with Gary Alexander (aka the dog whisperer/dachshund lover). Bring your pooch, your yoga mat and get ready for a fun, laid-back class.

Gary will lead you and your pooch through 60 minutes of basic poses. No prior experience necessary. Pre-registration required at Questions? contact Tamara at

  • June 14, 6 – 7 PM @ Washington Square Park
  • June 25, 7- 8 PM @ FFC Gold Coast Rooftop Sundeck

Join us for a special evening consisting of a workout with a live DJ and then join us on the fitness floor for “happy hour”. It will also be free guest night so grab your friend and introduce them to everything you love about the club! No pre-registration is required. Have questions? Contact Tamara at

Written by Catherine Hertl, MD
RUSH Cosmetic Clinic – 6th Floor, next to FFC Gold Coast
Rush assistant professor; board-certified plastic surgeon

Neromodulators (NMs) like Botox and Dysport have long been used to treat the active lines between the brows known as the 11s or glabellar wrinkles. However, the use of these injections has evolved to treat dynamic wrinkles in many areas of the face and neck.

Around the eyes, facial aging can result in sagging of the brows and crow’s feet. Botox can be used as a chemical brow lift and can relax the crow’s feet creating a more youthful, open appearance to the upper face.

Horizontal forehead lines can be erased by using an array of multiple small doses of an NM. Care must be taken to avoid overdosing in this area.

In the perioral area, NMs can be used to reduce the marionette or frown lines by lifting the corners of the mouth. Treating the upper and lower lips can eliminate dynamic ‘smoker’s lines’ and may also result in a subtle enhancement of lip volume. Botox in the chin area can reduce dimpling.

Neuromodulators can also be injected into vertical neck bands to smooth this area and can be used to treat facial asymmetries caused by unequal muscle activity in the face and neck.

While NMs will treat the dynamic or active component of wrinkles, if the wrinkles are deep, you may require the addition of fillers to fully correct the static component of long-standing wrinkles. Fillers may also be needed to correct volume loss in order to achieve optimal correction of some aspects of facial aging.

With all injectable facial treatments, it is recommended to choose an experienced practitioner. To find out how neuromodulators can improve your appearance, I invite you to make a consultation appointment in my RUSH cosmetic clinic located on the 6th floor next to the FFC. Call 312-563-3000 or drop by our Botox clinic after your workout on Saturday, June 30 from 9 – 12:30 PM. Walk-ins are also welcome!

Join us on the rooftop every Wednesday through June, July and August from 7:30 – 8:30pm for a great outdoor yoga experience. This class is weather-dependent. No pre-registration is required. Have questions? Please contact Tamara at Complimentary for members and guests.

Swing into these 30 minute kettlebell workshops! The kettlebell swing is one of best full body exercises you can do. It also happens to be the featured movement of the FFC May Workout of the Month (link to

Join us at one of our clubs in May for a complimentary kettlebell workshop! Learn how to do a kettlebell swing properly and most importantly, safely – plus try out the Workout of the Month! Come by yourself, or bring a friend, family member or co-worker. 

  • FFC Boystown – Wednesday, May 30 at 6 PM – to sign up, email
  • FFC East Lakeview – Friday, May 25 at 6 PM & Thursday, May 31 at 5 PM – to sign up, email
  • FFC Gold Coast – Saturday, May 19 and May 26 at 12 PM – to sign up, email
  • FFC Lincoln Park – Saturday, May 26 at 12 PM; Wednesday, May 30 at 4:30 PM; Thursday, May 31 at 4:30 PM – to sign up, email
  • FFC Oak Park – Saturday, May 26 at 9 AM – to sign up, email
  • FFC Old Town – Thursday, May 24 at 6:45 PM – to sign up, email
  • FFC Park Ridge – Friday May 18 at 12 PM; Thursday, May 24 at 2 PM; Wednesday, May 30 at 10 AM – to sign up, email
  • FFC South Loop – Tuesday May 22 at 6 PM & Tuesday, May 29 at 6 PM – to sign up, email
  • FFC Union Station – Wednesday, May 30 at 5 PM – to sign up, email
  • FFC West Loop – Wednesday May 23 at 7:30 PM & Wednesday May 30 at 7:30 PM – to sign up, email

One of the biggest pieces of feedback we get as a company from our members is that you want to know what to do at the gym to get results. A program. A plan. A formula.

That is the goal of our Workout of the Month. Each month’s workout will have a feature movement, a progress chart, and up to 6 full workouts per week to follow.

Click here to see the details, learn about the moves, download a PDF you can take to the gym with you and more!

This month’s move is all about fat burning – with higher volume and lighter weight. Check out the movement highlight of the month – the kettlebell swing.

Introduce a friend, family member or co-worker to everything you love about FFC. When they join by May 31, you’ll get to use the club for no charge in July!

See the membership department or go to for details.