Spa Services

At FFC Gold Coast, our team of professional, talented Massage Therapists and Skin Care Professionals can be a key component to supporting your total wellness. Upon arriving at the Spa, it is all about you. We’ll schedule appointments to meet your busy schedule,and design mindful, effective sessions tailored to your specific needs. Allow us to relax, rejuvenate and restore your body and spirit.

Massage Therapy

A healthy lifestyle requires consistency and commitment. Including massage as part of your wellness routine will improve your results, speed your recovery, enhance your performance, and increase your vitality. Our team of qualified professionals will address problem areas and chronic pain, and create a treatment plan expressly for you.

Performance Massage
Specially priced for our guests committed to incorporating massage into their fitness regimen. Purchase a package of three, six, or 12 massages for the ultimate customizable treatment which may include deep tissue, Swedish, trigger point, stretching, myofascial, and more. Available only when purchased as a series of 30, 60, or 90-minute treatments.

Swedish Massage
Classic relaxation massage using long strokes and deep kneading to release stress and relax muscles. 30/60/90 minutes.

Sports Massage
This massage is a must before and after training or athletic events. Flushes toxins, loosens adhesions, reduces soreness, and improves range of motion. 30/60/90 minutes.

Deep Tissue Massage
Deep, penetrating work through muscle adhesions to increase circulation and improve range of motion. This massage technique works to unlock chronic issues and heal the body to restore balance. 30/60/90 minutes.

Pre and Post Natal Massage
Targets areas of tension during and after pregnancy and provides a comforting, yet effective treatment. Helps minimize tension in the lower back, neck, and shoulders and reduce swelling in the hands and feet. 60/90 minutes.

Vitality Signature Treatment
A complete wellness experience that will exfoliate the skin, detoxify the body, ground you, and warm your soul. Treatment includes dry brushing, foot treatment, hot stone back massage, and full body massage. Essential for the tired, stressed, sore You that’s looking for a lift to mind, body, and spirit! This service is contraindicated during pregnancy and some ailments/illnesses. Please consult the spa for more information. 90 minutes.

Aromatherapy Massage
Powerful and therapeutic essential oils penetrate into the body through the skin to heighten the effects of your massage. We offer several blends to choose from which can provide reduction of pain and inflammation, enhanced relaxation, We use only the finest quality certified organic essential oils which provide maximum absorption and effectiveness. 30/60/90 minutes.

Targeted Massage
When you’re short on time but need results, this massage will focus on a few targeted areas to help relieve pain and stress quickly. Customized to your need for either relaxation or deeper work. 30 minutes.

Myofascial Release
This specialized massage targets the connective tissue (fascia) which supports the muscles of the body to reduce tension, relieve pain, and increase blood flow. 30/60/90 minutes.

Trigger Point
Trigger points are small, localized areas of tension that often refer pain to other areas of the body. This treatment identifies and deactivates trigger points utilizing slow, deep work at short intervals. May be combined with other massage work. 30/60/90 minutes.


Skin Care

Aging, sweat, sun/wind exposure, and hormonal imbalances are just a few of the many factors that your body combats through your skin each day. Improve your skin’s health and appearance by creating a regular routine for your face and body. Our licensed and expert estheticians will work with you to assess your skin’s needs and advise you on proper care.
** All facials include a skin analysis **

Fitness Formula Facial
Keep your skin care routine fresh with this classic facial. Includes products specifically chosen to match your skin’s condition and uses favored seasonal aromas. Appropriate for rosacea prone and sensitive skin. 60-minutes.

Signature Facial
This ultimate facial includes double cleanse, exfoliation, extractions, masque, moisturizer, back treatment, and a heavenly facial massage with “ice globes”. 80-minutes.

Fit for a Man
This cleansing facial includes exfoliation of the skin to prevent ingrown hair, lessen irritation from shaving, and hydrate the skin. Includes a relaxing face, neck, and shoulder massage. 60-minutes.

Petite Facial
Get great results in just a half-hour with this time efficient facial. Great addition to your favorite massage or after a workout to freshen up the skin. 30-minutes.

Lift & Glow Treatment
This unique and effective procedure will leave your skin glowing for months. Great for most skin types, the Lift and Glow treatment is especially beneficial for aging skin or skin with loss of elasticity and muscle tone. Exfoliates, firms, tones, lightens and delivers antioxidants to the skin. 60-minutes.

Chemical Peels
Improve and smooth the texture of your facial skin with our highly effective, customized chemical peels administered by experienced estheticians. 45-minutes.

Brighten Up – for Hyperpigmentation
Clear Complexion – for Acne & Oily Skin
Naturally Soothing- for Rosacea & Sensitive Skin
Pumpkin Peptide Peel – for Healthy Aging Skin

Add Ons
Paraffin on Hands, Feet, or Both
Deluxe Eye Treatment


Waxing Services

A full offering of waxing services will complement your clean, fresh, glowing skin.

Ala carte waxing: Facial, arms, legs, back, bikini area, stomach, brow tweeze…

Waxing packages:
The Eyes Have It: One Year of Eyebrow waxing (15 waxes)
The Full Monty: One Year of Bikini or Brazilian Waxes (12 waxes)


Ortanic (RT). Available at West Loop, Gold Coast, Lincoln Park, Oak Park.

Face it, when you look great you feel great. Your skin says a lot, especially with a healthy radiant glow. Get the most natural-looking sunless tan that lasts about 5-7 days with an Ortanic Airbrush Tan in Chicago. Each custom airbrush tan is contoured to enhance your best assets - leaving you feeling confident about your brand new look!



Monday – Friday: 11:00am – 9:00pm

Saturday – Sunday: 10:00am – 6:00pm



On Being Grateful


Calling All Athletes
Improve your athletic performance, posture, form, range of motion and more with therapeutic massage. FFC therapists specialize in Sports, Deep Tissue and Myofascial techniques. Save $10 off a 60- or 90-minute Sports or Deep Tissue massage in November!
*May not be combined with other offers. Other restrictions may apply.

Invest in Yourself
Purchase a $100 FFC Spa gift card and get $25 to use on yourself. You deserve it!

Veteran’s Appreciation
We thank all active and veteran military for for your service. Present your valid Military ID and receive 25% off any spa services. Offer valid through Sunday, Nov. 30*.
*May not be combined with other offers. Other restrictions may apply.

For more information, visit the Front Desk or book Spa services online here.

On Being Grateful

Before long, we’ll find ourselves scurrying around the grocery aisles fighting for the last cans of cranberry sauce and picking through sad heaps of herbs and spices for homemade stuffing. Then, of course, there’s the inevitable waiting “forever” on line while flipping through OK! Magazine for the 30 minutes it takes to get up to the clerk because “some lady” took “Extreme Couponing” to a whole. ‘nother. level.

But hold on for just one second. Before the complaining begins and the stress of hosting the in-laws takes over, maybe just take a short pause to remember what you’re thankful for.

It can be tough to do, yes. Too often, we’re so caught up in the grind of our day-to-day, and the annoyance that is our job, our spouse, the wind, etc, that it’s hard to find gratitude for anything at all. Need some help? Breathe in, and picture the things that enrich your life. If you’re still coming up short, here are a few of the random things I am grateful for. Maybe one or two might resonate for you:

Mom & Dad, Sister & Brother. Yeah, I know it seems like the obvious choice. But how often do we take family for granted? I’ve always been very close with my zany and wonderful parents and siblings and as an adult, like many, I now appreciate them even more. Last year when my mom was diagnosed with Leukemia (she was victorious!), the hugs got a little tighter, the calls more frequent, and the laughter much, much louder and from a deeper place. We relish our time together and I can’t wait to spend Thanksgiving with them.

Wine. OK, it’s out there. I like my wine. Like a trusted friend, my Cabernet (or maybe a Meritage tonight?) is there for me in good times and in marginal times. She (yes my wine is a girl) warms my soul, enhances my dreams, and for a fair price, she’ll takes my cares away. We’re close, me and my wine, but don’t worry, we’re not so close that I’ll be writing my next blog from Shady Wines – Home For Winos. ;-)

My Dog. Suzy (“The Noodle)” has blessed our lives in so many ways since the day we took her home from the shelter 3 years ago. Every day she makes me laugh with just a little look or turn of her head to the sound of the word “treat” and the way she flutters her paws in synch when I dare to stop petting her. She’s got living down-pat; eating, sleeping, running, getting massaged. The only job she has is as my canine alarm-clock and she never fails to deliver.

My Legs. Maybe it sounds weird to you, but I’m pretty thankful to have these two imperfect limbs that walk and run me all around this city, through airports, to friends’ outings, to the beach, and on my many travels. If you’ve ever had a leg or foot injury, or perhaps something even more debilitating, you know what I mean about the freedom of doing it on your own without any devices.

My iPod. When I was little, my Dad would play Peter Tosh, Stevie Wonder, or The Who at an alarmingly loud volume for a Sunday morning. Just to get us out of bed. By the time I turned 10, I had adopted his habit (payback’s are a you-know-what), and not only was I playing several instruments, but learned how to get my music volume up to an 11! Rock n Roll, Jazz, Blues, Reggae, Indie, Classical, any genre save Country (sorry folks), and I’m captivated by the sounds and nuances of the notes and how they band together to form a tune. Nowadays If I leave the house forgetting my iPod and/or headphones, a rush of anxiety spills over me. How will I get through this work (interchangeable with: run/flight/ride/project/cooking/nap, etc)? Can’t function without the iPod. No sir.

This list not relevant to you? Not surprising….it’s mine! Why not go and make your own list, even if you don’t actually write it down. Taking the time for this exercise in gratitude may be the stress-break you need to see just how much good there is in the world.

Happy November!

Guest blog courtesy of Lisa Ellis, Regional Spa and Retail Manager. Email Lisa at


Autumn Glow


The leaves are turning orange… but your skin should not! Get a perfect, custom, autumn glow with Ortanic! For a limited time only: Two custom airbrush tans + one bronzer or extender for just $100 (reg. $136)*.
*Offer valid through Nov 30! May not be combined with other promotions or discounts. Non-transferable and may not be shared.

Call or visit your favorite Ortanic location for more information or book your appointment now.


We have all heard the saying “you are what you eat.” That’s never been more true than it is today. With the chemicals found in and amount of processing of many shelf foods, our bodies’ organs are at risk for crisis. Skin is the body’s largest organ, so it is imperative to keep it as healthy as possible. Remember, you excrete toxins through your skin, so if you put non nutritious foods in your belly, when you sweat they come out only to sit directly on your skin!

Here are some yummy foods that do a great job of protecting skin from premature aging and promoting a healthy glow from the inside out.

Green Tea - Green Tea is filled with the amazing antioxidant EGCG, which provides protection from the sun’s damaging rays. Whether you apply it directly to the skin or drink a nice cup of tea, its antioxidants work to prevent DNA damage and help repair existing damage. Drinking green tea is also hydrating, one of the most important factors for healthy, glowing skin.

Yogurt - Yogurt is a great source for vitamin A, which is very important for maintaining vibrant skin. Vitamin A helps the body produce collagen, which is responsible for your skin’s elasticity.

Salmon - Salmon contains Omega-3 fatty acids, which help protect your skin from the damaging effects of ultraviolet radiation. Wild salmon contains an antioxidant called astaxanthin that helps fight wrinkles and sagging.

Kiwi - Kiwi is one of the most potent sources of vitamin C. It is essential for maintaining connective tissue. Kiwi, papaya and guava are all excellent sources of collagen producing vitamin C. Eating one kiwi a day can improve your skin over time.

Dark Chocolate - Surprise! Dark chocolate is actually good for your skin. There is a myth that chocolate causes adolescent acne. Not true! When eaten in moderation, the flavonols in dark chocolate not only protects the heart and blood vessels, but also protects the skin from sun damage. When applied directly to the skin, natural cocoa butter is an excellent emollient that helps preserve the skin’s moisture and elasticity.

It’s never too soon, or too late, to start eating well!  Try incorporating a few, or all, of these foods into your diet and see how incredible your skin will look. Then stop into Ortanic and we’ll give your healthy skin a healthy glow!

Blog courtesy of Kat Maj, Ortanic Coordinator. Contact Kat at



Signature Specials


Treatments so good we put our Signature on them*!

  • Signature Facial – For all skin types. Includes “magic globes” massage & back treatment (80 Mins)
  • Signature Massage – Customized restorative massage with aromatherapy. Perfect for athletes & those seeking healing therapy (75 Mins)
  • Vitality Treatment – Detoxifying, warming and exfoliating. Excellent for sore muscles & tired joints (90 Mins)

*This month save 10% on any of these FFC exclusives. These offers may not be combined with other discounts, packages or specials. Offer Expires 10/31/14.



Ask your spa provider or customer service specialist about special discounts for pre-race preparation and post-race recovery, including:

  • Bring in your valid 2014 race bib or registration and receive massage discounts including: $5 off a 30 minute, $10 off 60 minute and $15 off 90 minute.


Massage Therapy & Skin Care are essential components to your body’s overall well-being. Join us in celebrating Spa Wellness week by taking advantage of one, or all, of these special offers*:

October 19 – 24

Sunday         $10 off 90-Minute Massage
Monday        30-Minute Massage or Facial for $40
Tuesday        60-Minute Massage or Facial for $68
Wednesday  20% Off All Waxing
Thursday      20-Minute Massage Tune-Up for $30
Friday           Glow Facial Treatment for $88

*These offers may not be combined with other discounts, packages or specials

Game?  What game?

I gave up a long time ago trying to figure out why football was named as such when hardly anyone’s feet ever intentionally touch the ball, but that’s a different blog post.

Disclaimer: Now would be a good time to bow out of this if you just can’t survive without the NFL!

Strange as it may seem, there are actual, real people who couldn’t care less about watching a football game on a Sunday. Or on any day for that matter. For a moment let’s pretend that I’m one of those people, or that you’re one of those people, or perhaps you’re one of those people who knows other people who would rather be doing just about anything else but watch the “big game.” What on Earth would we do with our four hours if not plant ourselves on the sofa yelling “Did we forget how to tackle?” or “Come on Cutler!” or “Where’s the Defense?!” or “This is an embarrassment!!”

Just for good measure (not that you’d ever let it slip amongst a herd of Bears fans) here’s a few ideas:

Get your grocery shopping on. Once game-time begins, your favorite Mariano’s store may have been wiped clean of Doritos and PBR, but the aisles will be devoid of people. So grab a glass of wine and enjoy a lineless, hassle free dance around the produce or International Foods sections. If the weather’s right, skip the store and go to Logan Square Farmers Market.

Go to a movie. Grab a friend, or better yet go solo. Indulging in a movie sans company elicits a feeling of liberation hard to describe: No one talking to you, asking you to explain the plot or hogging your popcorn.  This fall, check out one of these sure-fire Oscar contenders:  Gone Girl, Wild, Birdman, Boyhood and Skeleton Twins.

One word: Oktoberfest. The good news is that while there’s only one word to describe it, there will be numerous Oktoberfest events in Chicagoland. Have a pint just for the ale of it. There’s something for all palettes:  pumpkin, harvest, red or brown ales are very popular this time of year. How about a toast with a Goose Island Harvest Ale?

Have a Spa Day.  Right, so I’m biased here, but what better time to escape for a great, warm, therapeutic spa treatment than a cool, late afternoon in October? Indulge in the FFC Signature Massage & Facial and you’re guaranteed to see and feel immediate results. Sip a cup of our Ikaati Tea on your way out and you’ll arrive home ready to tackle any post-game hype.

Look at the leaves. While you can’t actually see them changing right in front of your eyes, viewing the vibrant colors of autumn leaves can be quite a mood elevator. Sound boring?  Do it on a bike ride along the lakefront path, go for a drive north to the Botanical Gardens, or continue on to Wisconsin for a change of scenery.

Go to the Beach. There won’t be any volleyball or eye-candy in bathing suits, and you may need a jacket, but the fall is an amazing time to hit the beach. Head there with a chair, a book and a hot chocolate. Even better, head to Montrose Dog Beach and watch the canines frolic!

Get outta Dodge. There are some truly idyllic settings that feel very un-city like that are just a hop, skip, and a short drive or train ride away. Take a run, a brisk walk or do some cycling at one of these sweet spots:  The Illinois Prairie Path, The Desplaines River Trail or the Busse Woods Trail.

Brunch it is.  Enjoy Brunch on your own or with other football-indifferent. Try one of these awesome spots:  Lula Cafe in Logan Square, Bite Café or Nana Organic, and avoid the waits on days when the game is on!

Help others. How about spending a few hours volunteering at a shelter, community garden, nursing home, or even doing a project for an aging parent or grandparent? These days it’s easy to whittle away hours doing things like posting on Facebook and Instagram, and watching re-runs of HIMYM, yet few people reach out to lend a hand to their neighbors. Find opportunities to do just that at:

Be a tourist for a day. Have you been to the Bean lately? Did you know about the awesome Magritte exhibit at the Art Institute? When was the last time you went kayaking on the Chicago River? There are zillions of things to do in this awesome city that don’t involve a couch or a remote. Get out there and enjoy!

Blog courtesy of Lisa Ellis, Regional Spa and Retail Manager. Contact Lisa at


Offer Extended!


Save $30 on a 3-Pack of airbrush tans… $99 (reg. $129)!* You loved it so much last month, we extended it for one more!  Call or visit your favorite Ortanic location for more information or book your appointment now.
*September 2014 only. Now through Oct. 31! May not be combined with other promotions or discounts. Non-transferable and may not be shared.

Fall Trends 2014

Fall is here!  It’s a little bittersweet, but there are so many new and fun trends that arrive with Autumn, especially when it comes to hair, makeup and nails.  With New York Fashion Week just behind us, I thought it would be a good idea to share some of the most popular trends for the upcoming months, which make up my very favorite season!

Nails. The hottest beauty trends for Fall nails involve neutral tones, particularly beige, chocolate, nude and mocha. Choose a glossy polish for lighter colors and matte for darker hues. This will make it easy to match with outfits and accessories. Bottom line: Keep it simple!

Lips. The bolder the better! Deep reds and darker colors are the main hit for the season. This fall make your lips the main event. Attention grabbing lip colors and light makeup is the way to go .

Hair. Breathe a sigh of relief, ladies: having our hair up is finally a trend!  No more fussing with spray, pins or fancy ‘dos. Braids, buns and ponytails are all in, so feel free to throw your hair up and feel confident. Keep the style loose and beachy!

Accessories.  There is no better way to transform a basic outfit than with some jewelry. This is the season for accessories! Grab your biggest earrings or a chunky necklace, couple it with a black ensemble, and you have a simple, classy outfit which will last you all through the season!

Eyes.  Move over smokey eye liners and shadows and make way for the return of “winged” eyeliner! This is my particular favorite look and I have been rocking it all year long. Think 1960’s Hollywood Glam! It might be a little hard to learn at first, but one simple trick is to use a liquid eyeliner in deep black and hold your eye tautly closed as you apply. Check out how-to videos on YouTube.

Also this season anything that’s heavy on the black is in. So go to town on the eyeliner and full mascara… then add some more! Wear it with style and confidence.  Now’s the time!

Last bit of advice:  Don’t try to mix the deep red lipstick with the heavy black eyes. It’s best to stick to one or the other. Light eyes with dark lips, or dark lips with light eyes. And don’t forget to get your Ortanic tan!  Especially with all the dark colors in this season. Dark colors always look better on tan skin. Enjoy these wonderful trends and have fun!  Happy Fall!

Blog courtesy of Kat Maj, Ortanic Coordinator. Contact Kat at