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Research suggests that compression gear supports exercise recovery. One way it does this is by improving blood flow – compressing the blood vessels in the body helps them pump blood more efficiently. This aids in muscle recovery by improving blood circulation to the affected area.

Compression gear also contributes to reduced muscle fatigue. Muscle fatigue lessens the force with which the muscle can contract which results in lower strength performance. By alleviating this fatigue, the muscle is able to better recover, which allows it to push harder in the next workout. One study reports that compression helps prevent fatigue by improving muscle function.

What about muscle soreness? Can compression boots help reduce the discomfort experienced during recovery? According to some studies, the answer is yes.

Stop into our Recovery Lounge and give our compression boots a try. The first session is complimentary.

Our Recovery Lounge is located at the top of the staircase in the Spa retail shop.

Members taking a group fitness class.

Join us on the turf every Tuesday at 6:15 AM or Thursday at 5:15 PM for a great 45-minute, high-intensity small group workout. Stephanie’s workouts are full of energy and dynamic movements to keep you challenged and ready for more. Not sure if you’re ready to commit to monthly workouts? Try it out first – your first two workouts will be FREE.

To register or get more information email Ssimon@ffc.com.

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Stamina and obesity can be closely linked in men. Excess body fat places additional strain on the body’s systems, making physical activity more challenging and requiring more energy to perform. Additionally, carrying excess weight can reduce lung capacity and make it harder to breathe during physical activity, further reducing stamina.

However, losing weight through diet and exercise can improve stamina and overall health. Don’t wait to take control of your health. Contact us today to schedule your blood test and medical assessment. With personalized care, our team of expert healthcare professionals will help you understand your body and identify any areas for improvement. Start your journey towards a healthier, happier you.

Visit Prime Health System next time you come to the club or give them a call at 877-201-3499 or visit www.primehealthsystem.org to see how their services could benefit you.

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Oftentimes, in sports, it is unpredictable how you will land when coming down from a leap in the air (i.e. doing a layup in basketball, making a catch over the fence in softball/baseball, etc). It is still a great idea to practice landing mechanics via performing eccentric squats off of a box (starting on a box and jumping down into a squat position).

Two things to keep in mind:
1) it is always better to land with your feet wider than your shoulders to prevent injury as the force is greater traveling up your legs if your feet are too narrow
2) try your best to land quietly to try and absorb as much impact as possible

Clare Kramer, PT, DPT
Rush Physical Therapy – Gold Coast
1030 N Clark St., Suite 610
P: (312) 900-9595

Outdoor rooftop spin class

Need an outdoor venue? Consider our rooftop. Rentals are available during club hours and provide an amazing view of the city. For more details, reach out to Larry at LDuncan@ffc.com.