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Recent news:

FFC West Loop members walking together between fitness machines.

We’ve got new small group training opportunities coming to the club in May! Check them out below:

Critical H.I.I.T: Mondays and Fridays at 7 AM

A kettlebell kickboxing workout that blends strength and conditioning with martial arts movements. 

Contact Mike at mriley@ffc.com to sign up.

I’ve Got Your Back(side): Saturdays at 10 AM

Calling all the ladies: Feel more confident and empowered in the club! Join like-minded women as we introduce/reintroduce you to weight training and posterior chain movements to improve your form. Results unlimited!

Contact Adrienne at aeades@ffc.com to sign up.

Image of personal trainer at FFc club

From May 24 – 28, challenge one of our trainers to one, two or all three workouts they’ve put together. When you beat the trainer, you’ll win a prize from Local 84!

For more information, please contact Beth at epeterka@ffc.com.

Man stretching on gym floor

You got your workout in – check! What’s your recovery plan? Stretching and foam rolling are great techniques but why not try something new? Drop by our TheraGun station (between the Fitness Desk/Cafe) every Wednesday in May at 5 PM. Trainer Trent will be onsite to demonstrate the benefits of percussive therapy and how it can provide post workout relief.

For more information, please contact Beth at epeterka@ffc.com.

MYZONE heart rate monitor training at FFC

Heart Rate Variability (HRV) is a measure of the variation in time between each heartbeat.  Have you ever wondered what the health impact of a stressful day was? Is there anything you can do today that would improve your ability to have a better day moving forward?  Whether you use an Apple Watch, MyZone or other heart rate monitor,  knowing your HRV can help you answer some of these key questions. 

On Saturday, May 15 at 10 AM, coaches Trent, Mike and Mitchell will be hosting a workshop to introduce you to the benefits of knowing your heart that much better.  If you don’t own a heart rate monitor, you will receive a MyZone MZ1 as our gift to you to help you explore your heart health in greater detail.  One catch, you have to sign up by May 15 so we can plan for social distancing. 

Contact Beth at epeterka@ffc.com to secure your spot and your belt.

FFC West Loop Outdoor Pool

The FFC West Loop Splash Bar is gearing up for a big season. We’ll be hosting fun activities all summer long, including live music, family nights, and other exciting opportunities. 

Make sure to check out the posted calendar of events located near local ‘84 at the end of the month.  

For more information, please contact Ryan at roswald@ffc.com.