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Recent news:

Client receiving a stone massage.

Give mom the gift of relaxation this Mother’s Day! Purchase our FFC Spa 2 Pack to gift to mom or use with mom: Two 60-minute massages OR Two FFC Facials for $195. 

Don’t forget: FFC always makes a great gift. FFC Gift Cards are available for purchase year-round at ffc.com/gift-cards

No two discounts apply. The 2 pack is available for purchase from May 1 – 15, 2021 and expires 90 days from purchase.

Endurance participant getting a V02 max test.

It’s Metabolic May, and it’s time to test your fitness with the RMR and/or VO2 Max test. But which test is right for you?


  • $169 including Registered Dietitian Consultation
  • Nutrition-focused test to determine metabolism for weight loss and nutrition – learn how many calories your body burns at rest. Anticipate 45-60 mins in length including up to 30 mins of testing + 30 mins consultation before/after.


  • $169 including Consultation
  • This is a fitness test to benchmark your performance, learn to use a heart rate monitor / determine heart rate zones, heart rate recovery, cardio strength, and VO2 Max. Anticipate a 45-60 min appointment as you’ll complete 6-12 mins of testing (running or cycling gradually building every minute towards max effort) with about 15 mins of setup and up to 30 mins consultation.

For more information or to schedule a test, please contact metabolictesting@ffc.com! BONUS, you can use your FFC Bucks to cover the costs of these tests.

FFC Park Ridge Locker Room

Good news, members! Starting May 1, we have added the following toiletries back to the locker rooms:

  • Women’s Locker Rooms: Q-tips, cotton balls, lotion
  • Men’s Locker Rooms: Q-tips, lotion, shaving cream

For more information, please contact your club’s general manager.

FFC Park Ridge Pilates Room

Register for Pilates Unlimited Group Apparatus classes for only $149* – program begins May 1!

Come to class to stretch and strengthen your body while tightening your core and improving your posture. Exercise with your fellow members and get a great workout in our classes with our expert Pilates Instructors!

Head to ffc.com/pilates-unlimited for more information and to sign up today.

FFC Old Town Front Entrance

WERQ dance fitness is back! What’s WERQ? WERQ is the wildly addictive cardio dance workout based on trending pop and hip hop music. Join Instructor Allison M. every Wednesday at 5:45 PM starting May 5. Reserve your spot in the FFC app. 

Allison teaching WERQ

Want to bring a friend? Contact Lou Smith at lsmith@ffc.com for more information.