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Recent news:

Members doing a high intensity workout with weights.

Introducing our newest addition to the FFC group fitness schedule: ICON. This total body workout is rooted in the science behind metabolic conditioning. Ten exercises varying from strength and cardiovascular are performed at moderate to high intensities where both immediate and intermediate energy pathways are used. Three total rounds are completed and each round will require a longer work interval with a shorter recovery.

Classes will be on the schedule starting the week of June 6. Check the FFC+ app for dates and times. We’ll see you in class! Questions? Please contact Lois at lois.miller@ffc.com.

Welcome new staff to FFC!

We are excited to welcome Marcin Kieta to our powerhouse team of trainers. Marcin uses resistance training to help his clients build strength and muscle. 

“Despite the inevitability of change, I continue to believe that growth is optional and resistance training is a fantastic tool to promote it,” Marcin said.

Schedule your complimentary consultation with Marcin by emailing him at MKieta@ffc.com.

Tan female smiling on the beach.

Have you met Tracy, our custom airbrush tan specialist at Ortanic? Tracy offers custom airbrush tans that continue to receive rave reviews from her clients. Here is one of the most recent satisfied customers:

”From beginning to end an amazing and comfortable experience. The tan turned out perfect.”- Stephanie B. 

Book your session online at https://ortanic.com/book-now/. Have questions? Contact us at (312) 944-1030 x233.

Woman receiving physical therapy for her knee injury.

Wondering why you leave swollen and dehydrated after hot yoga but shivering and tense after an ice

bath? Wondering if you should end your workout session in the sauna or grab a cold one (an ice pack

that is) to end your time at the gym? 

Both heat and ice decrease pain and muscle spasm/soreness. However, they have opposite effects when it comes to blood flow, inflammation and swelling. Heat will increase these factors whereas ice will decrease them. So when should you use which if you’re looking to decrease pain? 

Have a seat in the sauna if you are feeling sore or tight after a workout to promote blood flow to tired muscles and keep the tissue loose. The increased blood flow will deliver the nutrients and oxygen muscles need after a workout. Continuing to move while sore is the other best thing to do to relieve soreness! 

On the other hand, use ice to decrease the flow of fluid to already swollen muscles or joints. Again, both heat and ice decrease pain and muscle soreness. It depends on what other symptoms are present that you can find what will work best for you. Use your preferred modality for 10 – 15 minutes for the best effects as needed.

Questions? Contact the Rush Physical Therapy professional located right in the club at https://www.rushpt.com/contact/find-a-location/il/chicago/gold-coast-ffc/

Welcome new staff to FFC!

Ensuring you have an outstanding experience in our club is our passion and we are excited to welcome Robert Wilber as our new Operations Manager. Robert can assist with any operational or housekeeping suggestions you may have.

Contact Robert at RWIlber@ffc.com.