Member of the Month – Corey Hornbeck

FFC member of the month

Congratulations to FFC Lincoln Park’s August member of the month, Corey! Corey answered a few questions for us about being a member at FFC:

  1. What does membership at FFC mean to you? 

I’ve tried nearly every health club in Chicago, and FFC has earned its title as one of the best. Since I became a member in 2017, FFC has given me a safe space to work on my health goals with like-minded people. I don’t feel like others are watching me try new movements or fail a lift because there’s a wide range of skill levels at the club. Working out has become such a safe and empowering experience because of the staff, trainers, and members.

  1. When I am at FFC you will find me…

Trying new Calisthenics moves and workouts with a weighted vest, or chatting it up with the staff or other members.

  1. I work out to…

Relieve stress and improve my strength in compound body-weight movements.

FFC member of the month