Endurance Training

Fitness Formula Clubs offers swimming, cycling, running, and triathlon training programs and events – all managed through our in-house endurance training club, TriMonster. Our Chicago endurance training club features Certified USA Triathlon, USA Track & Field, USA Swimming, and USA Cycling coaches who provide comprehensive training programs and workouts to help athletes of all abilities meet their endurance training goals (whether it’s completing your first marathon, triathlon, or competing at national and world championship endurance races.

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Endurance Training Programs, Services, & Events

We are proud to provide a wide variety of training programs,  services, and events.  To sign up for programs and services, please visit our online store at ffc.com/shop or contact us at endurance@ffc.com.

The best option to get started with Endurance Training at FFC is our FFC Endurance Membership, aka “TriMonster Unlimited”.  This is easily the best value in Chicago – over $400/month in training programs and services!  This new membership add-on combines full access to:

Whether you want to be a swimmer, cyclist, runner, triathlete, or an Ironman – our new FFC Endurance Membership is for you. Visit FFC Lincoln Park to join or SIGN UP TODAY at ffc.com/shop