International Yoga Day Celebration

Woman rolling up a yoga mat.

Join us for a special Candlelight Yoga session to celebrate International Yoga Day on June 21!

Event Schedule:
– 5:30 – 6:30 PM: Candlelight Yoga Team Teach
– 6:30 – 7:00 PM: Sound Bath Meditation

Immerse yourself in a serene and rejuvenating evening starting with a unique yoga experience guided by our talented instructors in a beautifully candlelit setting. This calming session will harmonize your mind, body, and spirit, setting a perfect tone for the meditation that follows.

After the yoga session, drift into a state of deep relaxation with a 30-minute sound bath meditation. The soothing sounds will help you achieve a meditative state, enhancing your overall sense of well-being.

Don’t miss this opportunity to connect with yourself and celebrate the art of yoga on this international day of mindfulness and tranquility.

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