Pilates Reformer 101 at FFC East Lakeview

Woman working out using a Pilates apparatus.

Have you ever been curious about the apparatus in the Pilates Studio? The Reformer along with other pieces of apparatus in the studio is here to help assist you to:
• Enjoy better control of your body
• Help you to move more freely and efficiently
• Increase your range of motion
• Improve your posture

If that sounds intriguing, like something you can use in your everyday life and including your workouts, then this is a class for you. Join us Wednesday, February 8 at 5 PM in the Pilates studio for Pilates 101 with Ruth.

This class is geared strictly for beginners, brand new to the fun world of Pilates. Here, you will be teamed with others who are new to Pilates and will learn how the exercises feel within your body, how to adjust the springs based on the exercise and be ready to join an ongoing Group Apparatus class.

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