Signature Classes

FFC offers nearly 40 completely unique, original class formats, created specifically by FFC, for our members exclusively, by our talented team of expert instructors.

From the most popular Formula 94, LOADED and Chisel, to the newcomers like G-Row, Shadowbox Shred and Hustle/Flow – you’ll experience a class you’ve never taken anywhere else!

Woman lifting weights in a #312 group fitness class in Chicago


This intense, high energy 30 minute class delivers four different 6-minute circuits consisting of 3 minutes of cardio, 1 minute of core immediately followed by 2 minutes of strength work.

Woman lifting weights in a 20/20/20 group fitness class in Chicago


Maximize your workout with 20 minutes of cardio, 20 minutes of strength and 20 minutes of core/flexibility for a very efficient and total body workout.

Woman lifting weights in an Amped Up group fitness class in Chicago


Be the envy of everyone with our 30-minute upper body-only class that will tone and tighten your arms, back, shoulders and chest as well as improve posture.

FFC Signature Class - Afterburn


Learn techniques to increase movement efficiency, improve blood flow and nutrients to your joints and enhance neuromuscular coordination during Afterburn.

Woman in a Body Work 360 group fitness class in Chicago

BODY 360

This format centers around the Ballast/Swiss Ball and incorporates light weights and Pilates rings for a challenging series of exercises that will sculpt your physique from head to toe.

Man lifting weights in a Chisel group fitness class in Chicago


Reshape your body with this nonstop, fast-paced workout that focuses on compound exercises performed to the beat of the music in a choreographed style. Lighter weights and higher repetitions will be sure to get the job done.

Woman kickboxing in a Contender group fitness class in Chicago


This total body, boxing conditioning class is made up of easy to follow 3 minute boxing combinations on the bag combined with compound strength exercises set to maximize heart rate and improve coordination.

Women in plank position in a Core94 group fitness class in Chicago


Incinerate your core from every angle during this intense class in a 94 degree studio that combines floor work, body weight and strength moves to ignite your muscles from hips through shoulders.

Men lifting weights in a Critical Mass group fitness class in Chicago


This total body resistance workout is designed to build muscular strength, increase bone density and maintain lean body mass with heavier weights and less repetition.

Woman laying on yoga mat in a Detox Flow group fitness class in Chicago


Flow through sequences to detoxify your body at the cellular level as well as purify your skin and improve circulation in our heated Infrared studio.

Woman lifting weights in an Endura94 group fitness class in Chicago


The use of light to moderate hand weights will help you incinerate body fat as you define your body from head to toe in this calorie-torching format in our Infrared 94 degree studio.

Woman performing ab exercise in a Fitcore group fitness class in Chicago


This class features 15 or 30 minutes of concentrated abdominal and lower back work. FITCORE is typically added to the end of an existing class.

FFC Signature Class - Formula94


This calorie-torching format is performed barefoot in a 94-degree studio with 40% humidity. The use of light to moderate hand weights will help you incinerate body fat as you tone and define your body from head to toe.

Woman lifting weights in a Fundamental Fitness group fitness class in Chicago


This class is designed for the older adult looking to improve strength, stability and flexibility. A chair may be used to accommodate those looking for a softer workout.

Woman instructing participant on rower in a G.row group fitness class in Chicago


This total body interval rowing class utilizes 85% of your muscles in the legs, arms and core. Combined with free weight strength and core exercises you will experience a low impact, efficient workout.

FFC Signature Class - TIGR Training


This interval training class combines the dynamics of high intensity cardio and light weights with yoga flow sequences for a total body workout incorporating mobility, flexibility and strength.

Man on a spin bike in an Iron Ride group fitness class in Chicago


Get the best of two different workouts with this interval fusion class combining the cardio benefits of spinning and strength benefits of off-the-bike resistance work.

Men and women dancing in a Jam Session group fitness class in Chicago


A dance workout party that will fire up every muscle group while jamming to influences of Hip Hop, EDM, Top40, POP, and RnB.

FFC Signature Class - Loaded


This pyramid style total body format works in 30-second intervals adding in a new exercise every round, increasing your work time as you go. Once all 7 exercises are completed in succession you begin to eliminate one every round decreasing your workload.

Man squatting with weights in a Low Body Meltdown group fitness class in Chicago


Dedicate 30 minutes to a high energy, lower-body training format guaranteed to blast the glutes, quads and hamstrings while strengthening your core.

Men and women in side plank position in a Meta Sculpt group fitness class in Chicago


Experience this yoga sculpt-inspired class that incorporates resistance training in our Infrared heated studio, which increases metabolic rate and facilitates strength and flexibility.

FFC Signature Class - Motiv8


This high intensity training workout is designed to increase aerobic and anaerobic capacity, enhance power production and develop overall strength. Short 20 second intervals at your max effort are followed by a ten second rest, which is repeated for eight total rounds.

FFC Signature Class - Modern Mat


A contemporary approach to a very traditional practice. Modern Mat infuses the basic elements of Pilates with light weights, tubing and rings for a comprehensive, user-friendly workout.

Men and women doing yoga in a Red Hot group fitness class in Chicago


This yoga practice takes place in our Infrared studio heated to 105 degrees. Improve your oxygen utilization as the heat penetrates the tissues and joints to promote recovery, increase mobility and relieve aches and pains.

Men and women stretching with a strap in a Strength and Mobility group fitness class in Chicago


Strength And Mobility is a strength based format designed to increase lean muscle mass and help you develop better body mechanics by incorporating a mobility flow component.

Men and women shadowboxing in a Shadowbox Shred group fitness class in Chicago


This format combines martial arts techniques with high-intensity plyometric and strength intervals for a total body workout that builds strength, agility and endurance.

Three people running on treadmills at the gym


We are ramping up our treadmill workouts with weighted strength exercises built into cardio drills. TIGR (Tread Intervals with Group Resistance) Training delivers a full body, comprehensive workout in just 45 minutes.

Woman jogging in place in a Total Body Blast group fitness class in Chicago


This comprehensive full body workout is incorporating elements of cardio, strength and core.

Men and women performing ab exercises in a Triple Threat group fitness class in Chicago


Maximize your workout with 15 minutes of cardio, 15 minutes of strength and 15 minutes of core.

Man meditating in an Unplug group fitness class in Chicago


Learn how to calm your brain and body with simple meditation techniques. Experience an increase in self awareness, clarity and creativity.

Woman exercising in an Urban Athlete group fitness class in Chicago


This total body circuit class keeps you moving through a diverse selection of challenging anaerobic and aerobic drills. Achieve a higher level of fitness and explore the athlete in you.

Man lifting weights in an X Factor group fitness class in Chicago


This total body resistance workout focuses on intensity techniques known as super sets. These techniques are used to (X)haust your muscles in order to create fatigue and promote an increase in lean body mass.

Man in downward facing dog in a Yoga For Athletes group fitness class in Chicago


This basic yoga class is for anyone who experiences tightness due to sport-specific training like cycling, running and weight training. Learn easy exercises to open up your hips, hamstrings, lower back and shoulders and restore your bodies natural alignment.