Reopening Frequently Asked Questions

Guidelines As Of 02/28/2022

Is there a mask or vaccine requirement in place?

As of Monday, February 28, 2022, per recent government guideline updates, mask and vaccine requirements have been lifted at all FFC locations.

Will there be capacity restrictions?

As of Friday June, 11, 2021, the State of Illinois and the City of Chicago have lifted all capacity restrictions. There are no capacity restrictions at this time.

Are reservations required to visit the club?

A reservation will be made for you upon check-in at our front desk. No further action is required on your part. Per the Tier 3 guidelines released by the state, reservations are now required to visit the club. Please check your club’s location page at prior to visiting to see real-time capacity levels.

What about indoor group fitness classes?

Group fitness class sizes no longer have size restrictions! Reservations are still required using the FFC app. For more information on our group fitness options, please visit

Is the mask policy changing?

Safety is more important now than ever, and we are following all City, State and CDC mandates regarding face coverings at our locations.

Can I use the locker room now?

Yes! The locker rooms are open and available for use.

Before You Get To The Club

When did the clubs reopen?

Our clubs reopened based on the following schedule:
Wednesday, July 1: East Lakeview, Elmhurst, Gold Coast, Lincoln Park, Oak Park, Park Ridge, South Loop and West Loop Monday, July 6: Old Town and Union Station Friday, July 24: Lakeview

Will there be different operating hours?

Yes. Club hours will eventually be expanded over the course of time.

Do I have to wear a mask?

Safety is more important now than ever, and we are following all City, State and CDC mandates regarding face coverings at our locations.

Are there capacity limits?

Yes, occupancy of each club is limited based on state and local government guidelines. Real-time capacity trackers can be found at each club’s webpage – click here to find your club’s page. Should maximum occupancy be reached, access will be restricted to one in/one out.

Is it safe to come to the club? How is the club being cleaned?

Safety is more important now than ever and will be paramount in garnering your confidence as we move forward. We have established FitSafe guidelines to keep our staff and their families, our members and their families, and each of our surrounding communities as safe as possible. This framework has been established in conjunction with the Restore Illinois plans, most specifically, Phase IV. For detailed information regarding our new cleaning procedures, please visit

Will group fitness classes be available?

Yes – reservations are required using the FFC app. For more information on our group fitness options, please visit

Will I be able to work with my trainer?

Yes, personal training is available.

Will I still be able to use the locker rooms?

Locker rooms are open and available for use.

Will the basketball courts be open?

Basketball courts are now available for 5 vs. 5 pick-up games. Advanced registration is required in the main FFC app. Basketballs will be kept at the front desk for check out for individual shoot arounds, in exchange for a member photo ID. Basketballs will be sanitized by staff after each use. Please keep in mind that courts may be repurposed from time to time for alternative uses.

Will the Kids Club be open?

Kids Club availability varies by club. Please check your club location specifically at Advance reservations are required for all Kids Club use via the BOOKING section the main FFC app. All kids must remain masked.

For which activities will I need to make reservations for in advance?

We will be using a reservation system via the main FFC app for the following activities: Kids Club, Basketball, whirlpool, sauna and lap swimming (one person per lane) will be available in the BOOKING section of the app. Reservations times will be available 24 hours in advance each day for lap swimming and Kids Club. For example, reservations will open for Wed, July 1 on Tues, June 30 for these activities.

While At The Club

Will I need to download the main FFC app?

Yes, the main FFC app will be used for touchless check in, and for making a Kids Club, lap swimming, and group fitness reservation. Go to to find the download details. Please note you will still be able to check in with your membership card or key fob as the check in process is touchless.

What happens if I forget my member credentials?

We are requiring all members to provide their member credentials at check-in either via FFC app barcode or membership card. If you arrive at the club without credentials, we will direct you to one of our team members who can show you how to download and sign in to the FFC app for access.

Are towels available?

Complimentary sweat towels and shower towels are available. Eucalyptus towels may not be available.

Can I use the water fountain to fill up my water bottle?


What are the new cleaning procedures at the club?

We are asking all members and staff to abide by the FFC FitClean Guidelines: First, members will clean their equipment/areas used with disinfecting wipes or personal cleaning bottles, then FFC staff will provide a secondary cleaning and disinfection. Disinfecting wipes, personal cleaning bottles and hand sanitizer will be regularly placed throughout the club for member use. For a detailed list and more information about our new cleaning tools and technology, please visit

What about ventilation within the facilities?

Chicago’s building code for mechanical ventilation in various commercial spaces is measured by minimum cubic feet per minute (CFM). Here are some common CFM code specs: Fitness Centers: 20; Retail, Restaurants & Bars: 7.5; Offices and Place of Worship: 5. FFC has at least 4 times the ventilation of offices and churches, and 2.7 times more than retail, bars and restaurants. Air vents at all club locations are monitored and cleaned monthly, and air filters for all HVAC units are monitored monthly and replaced every 90 days..

Will you still be offering virtual classes if I am not comfortable coming back to the club yet?

Yes. We will continue to offer classes via live streaming, and so much more through our FFC On Demand app. Go to our on demand webpage for more details.

Will the local’84 cafes be open?

Yes, we will be serving smoothies and pre-packaged beverages and food items.

Are you accepting cash as a source of payment?

Cash is being accepted at certain FFC locations and at certain customer transaction desks.

Can I bring my own gym bag, weights and yoga mat to the club?

Yes, you will be allowed to bring a gym bag to the club. Do not bring your own weights or yoga mats. All personal items must be kept in a daily locker during your workout.

Group Fitness

Are you offering indoor group fitness classes?

Group fitness classes are BACK as of Wednesday, January 20, 2021! Reservations are required using the FFC app. For more information on our group fitness options, please visit

How will group fitness classes work? Do I have to make a reservation?

Yes, members must make a reservation to attend a group fitness class. Reservations can be made via the “classes” section of the main FFC app or at You can register for a class up to 30 minutes in advance. Otherwise, you will be considered a walk-in.

How soon in advance can I register for class?

You will be able to register for a class 48 hours in advance.

Where can I find the class schedule?

The class schedule can be found by location in the “classes” section of the main FFC app or at

I want to take a group fitness class, but I didn’t sign up ahead of time. Can I take class?

If there is space available in the class, walk-ins may be permitted. Please check in with the instructor to ensure there is enough space to safely accommodate a walk-in.

Do I need to do anything special when I get to the club for class?

For each class, please make sure you register AND check in for every class via the FFC+ app, as well as checking into the club. It is two separate actions. One is checking into the club and the second is actually checking into the class – both are done via the app.

Helpful hints for checking into the class on the FFC+ app:

  • You must be registered for the class in order to check in for it.
  • You can only check into a class within 2 hours of the start time.
  • You must be at the club to check in to the class.
  • You’ll see the class check in on the same screen that appears when you click “Check In” on the homepage to check into the club.
  • You must be connected to cellular or wifi for the check-in to appear.
  • If your font is set too large on your screen, it can push the check-in button out of view!
  • Location services must be on your device AND on for the FFC+ app specifically.
  • Please be sure you have the most recent update for the app. To do so, head to the app store for FFC+ – if you don’t have the most recent version, there will be a button that says “update”.
  • Try turning off the WiFi and just use cellular data.

I made a reservation for a group fitness class but I’m running late. Will I be able to get into the class when I arrive?

Yes, but please know we grant entry to those on a wait-list/walk-ins once class begins, so you may risk losing your spot.

I made a reservation for a group fitness class but now I can’t attend. What should I do?

We ask that you cancel your reservation within the app as soon as you know you won’t be able to attend the class. This allows someone else to have the opportunity to take the class. Please be advised that if you do not cancel and do not show up to a class you have reserved, you may be assessed a $20 no-show fee.

Are heated classes still available?

Yes, heated classes are now available.

Do I need to bring my own mat to classes now?

No, please do not bring your own mat. We will have clean mats available for use. We use a special sanitization technology called Matsana, which cleans the mats with UV-C light, destroying 99.99% of viruses and bacteria. For more details, visit

Can I bring my backpack and items into class?

No, please use the locker room or cubbies (at clubs where it is feasible) to store your belongings during class.

Will you still be streaming classes at FFC On Demand?

Yes, these classes will still continue for the time being. The schedule for our virtual classes can be found at


How do I book a spa service?

Spa services can be booked booked on the FFC+ app. or via the ffc website at

What is your cancellation policy?

To cancel your appointment, please call the club at least 24 hours before your appointment to avoid any charges. If you know you won’t be able to make your set appointment, please help the provider by providing as much advance notice as possible – this allows the provider time to book another appointment in your slot.

What questions am I asked before receiving a spa treatment?

All clients will be asked to fill out an intake form before their service that includes the following questions:
1. Have you had a fever of 100ºF or above, sore throat, cough or any other flu like symptoms in the last 24 hours?
2. Have you been in contact with anyone in the last 14 days who has been diagnosed with COVID-19?
3. Have you traveled to a state with a high COVID infection rate within the last two weeks (state designated “hotspots”)?


Did FFC bill me in April, May or June 2020?

To be clear – your membership was put on freeze at no cost as of the day the clubs were temporarily closed. No new charges were added in April, May or June. As you have already paid March dues, you will receive a dues credit on your membership account for the period of March that the club was closed.

When did billing resume for July 2020?

Regular monthly billing of membership dues and monthly program and services subscriptions (ie. locker rental, laundry service, Kids Club where it is available, as well as The Faction) resumed on Monday, July 6. Credits for the 2nd half of March, when the clubs were closed, were applied toward the July drafts.
Monthly Nutrition, EFT Personal and Pilates Training charges will not resume until August to give you the opportunity to redeem any unused sessions left over from March 2020.
Please note that any non-dues charges, meaning any house account charges, that were billed to your account in March, will be debited against a membership dues credit for the period of time from March 17 – March 31.
If your membership is through a third party (e.g. your employer) the same terms as above apply.

How were payments for in-club products and services handled while the club was closed?

For one-time events (e.g. indoor triathlon and specialty one-off classes), we will provide credits to impacted members for events that will not happen while the club is temporarily closed.
For recurring services that have already been processed (e.g. training sessions, group training and spa services) we will extend expiration dates to allow ample time to receive services once we open.
For recurring services that have not yet been processed, we will temporarily suspend recurring electronic fund transfers until your club opens.
Premier members: If you have not used your Premier service during the month of March, you will have the option to reinstate that service at a prorated cost upon the reopening of the club.

What about my previously purchased training sessions and FFC Bucks that I have earned?

All expiration dates have been pushed out 120 days from the day we open to allow you time to use the services and rewards you previously purchased. We will extend the expiration date of any unused packages, gift cards, and the Earn Your Enrollment Fee Back programs from the date prior to the club closure to their equivalent total days from their original expiration date.

Am I able to freeze or cancel my membership?

Please contact us via our Contact webpage to request instructions on how to freeze your account.
Normal freeze fees will apply. Please see our general FAQs for details.