Medical Partnerships

Fitness and Wellness Programs for Patients

At FFC, we know everyone wants to learn to develop healthier eating habits and become more active. But how?

Over the past 10 years, FFC has been developing disease prevention programming in a clinical setting to work with patients dealing with obesity, diabetes, heart and kidney disease, and other health conditions.

We are uniquely positioned to deliver lifestyle modifications via our fitness and educational programs, covering everything from complimentary consultations to medical nutrition therapy, covered by most insurance.

Doctor having a consultation with a patient.

Here’s what we offer:

Home to NW Medicine Cardiac Rehab + RUSH Physical Therapy

  • FFC Gold Coast is home to Northwestern Medicine’s Cardiac Rehab program
  • RUSH Physical Therapy operates out of 9 of our 10 locations

FFC On Demand


  • Ever-expanding on demand fitness library
  • Live streaming group classes
  • Recipes and meal plans
  • Fitness workout and programs

Includes one complimentary in-club nutrition screening to:

  • Assess current nutrition status
  • Provide planning and goals based on assessment

Medical Nutrition Therapy (MNT)

Covered by Insurance

  • MNT visit may be covered by patient’s insurance plan
  • Patients will be notified of insurance coverage prior to visit
  • Patients may be seen on a regular basis, depending on insurance plan coverage

Small Group Training

$128-$256/month for members

  • REvive is a beginner bootcamp to teach patients how to move in a safe and effective way to improve their health and feel great.
  • Offered at select locations beginning May 2021

Full Membership


  • Access to all clubs
  • 2 new member sessions with a personal trainer or Pilates instructor to help patients become more acclimated to the club and how to use any equipment that may pertain to your needs

Resting Metabolic Rate

Test + Consultation ($169)

  • Find out how many calories the patient burns as rest
  • Consultation with a registered dietitian included
  • 4 hour fast required before test
  • Patient should avoid exercise before test

Here’s who we work with:

  • Rush: Cardiology; Endocrinology; Bariatric Medicine; Prevention; Primary Care; Sleep Medicine; Hepatology
  • University of Chicago: South Loop Clinic; GI, Bariatrics; Chicago Weight
  • Northwestern Medicine: Dr. Ron Ackermann
  • Northwestern Cardiac Rehab
  • Northwestern Medicine Digestive Health Center, Lifestyle Medicine, and Family Medicine
  • Advocate Health Care
  • Progressive Health Primary Care
  • RUSH Physical Therapy
  • Performance Chiropractic Center
  • Howard Brown Health Center
  • Many Independent Medical Practices: this includes primary care, physical therapy, aesthetics; women’s health; among others

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