Join FFC – Frequently Asked Questions

Enrollment, Membership and Payment

What is the total cost for 2 people – me and domestic partner?

The total cost for a Couple membership is broken down as follows:

  • Enrollment fee: $100 (reg $350)
  • Individual dues: Choose from our Single Club Access membership ($129 – $159/mo), Signature All Club Access membership ($169/mo) or our Premier All Club Access Membership ($229/mo)
  • 2nd member dues: $110/mo

For example, if you chose the Signature All Club Access membership, your total dues would be $279/mo ($169 + $110) + a one-time enrollment fee of $150 (normally $350).

What defines a couple membership?

A couple is two domestic partners that can provide proof of cohabitation.

Is there a discount for a 2nd family member joining? Or can you please break out the fees if I were to join with a family member already a member?

Yes. Our Couple membership includes the primary individual + 1 Spouse or child age 13 – 22. The associated fees include the current enrollment fee, based on the current offer, the primary individual’s dues based on the plan you choose + $110/mo for the second family member. If you were to join with a family member that is already a member, the add-on enrollment fee is $100, then $110/mo would be added on top of the current member’s monthly dues.

What is couple and family pricing?

Our couple and family pricing options are as follows:

  • Couple: Me + 1 Spouse or child age 13 – 22 = individual dues + $110/mo
  • Family: Me + Spouse + 1 child age 13 – 22 = individual dues + $110/month + $70/mo
  • Family: Me + Spouse + 2 children age 13 – 22 = individual dues + $110/mo + $70/mo + $60/mo
  • Family: Me + Spouse + 3 children age 13 – 22 = individual dues + $110/mo + $70/mo + $60/mo
  • Family: Me + Spouse + 4 children age 13 – 22 = individual dues + $110/mo + $70/mo + $60/mo

Both couple and family memberships include a one-time enrollment fee of $200 (normally $350).

How old do you need to be to join on your own?

You must be 18 years of age or older to be the main member on the account.

Are children under 13 allowed on the family plan?

Children under the age of 13 would need to join Kids’ Club to have access to Kids’ Club and family hours. There is no enrollment fee when adding children on at the time of a new membership enrollment, but a monthly charge does apply (see below for details). There may be a fee to add Kids’ Club at a later date as well. (Check with the membership department at your club.)

How old does the child have to be in order to stay at your daycare? How much is it for a child membership/daycare monthly?

Children must be 3 months to 12 years of age to participate in Kids’ Club. The Kids’ Club membership pricing varies by location and number of kids enrolled. See below for details:

Elmhurst/Oak Park/Park Ridge:

  • 1 child – $49/month + tax
  • 2 children – $49/month + $49/month + tax
  • 3+ children – $49/month + $49/month + $24/month + tax

Lincoln Park/South Loop/West Loop:

  • 1 child – $59.95/month + tax
  • 2 children – $59.95/month+ $59.95/month+ tax
  • 3+ children – $59.95/month + $59.95/month + $29/month + tax

Are memberships month to month or is it an annual agreement?

Memberships are month to month and auto-renew on the 15th of each month for the following month.

How can I cancel my membership?

To cancel, you must provide written notice of cancellation per the membership agreement, meet with the member experience manager or general manager to complete the cancellation in person, or arrange to receive an online link (and complete a form) from the member experience manager or general manager to cancel by the 15th of the month in order to not get billed for the following month. Any member that cancel is required to pay the prevailing enrollment fee at the time of rejoining.

Am I able to pay my monthly payments with a credit card instead of putting down my bank information?

Monthly billing is through ACH – checking or savings. Your down payment is paid via a credit card. If you are a current member and would like to update your billing information, contact your club’s member experience manager or member services team.

Does FFC offer discounts to First Responders, teachers, vets, seniors, students?

FFC has partnerships with certain organizations that offer discounts through their employers or insurance programs. Check with your benefits department or provider to see if you qualify.

What is your guest policy?

Members receive 2 free daily guest passes each month as part of their membership. Outside of these 2 passes, members have the opportunity to bring guests at a reduced rate of $30 per visit. Guests must show a valid and government-issued photo ID, pay any appropriate fees before entry to the club and complete a guest liability waiver and release prior to entry.

What is the annual fee?

The annual fee (also known as the maintenance fee) is $69 for an individual and $79 for a couple or family.

I live in Presidential Towers in the West Loop. How do I apply the discount when I join online for the FFC West Loop Location?

Bring a copy of your lease with you to the club on your first visit and we will apply the 10% dues discount. The 10% discount is based off of the Loop membership dues rate.

If an existing member (who joined prior to 1.1.24) wants to add a 13-17 year old child, are they restricted?

No, they can add on and are not restricted to the new teen hours at this time.

Will current members be affected by the teen hours in the future?

Current members who joined before 1.1.24 are not currently subject to restricted hours, however, we cannot guarantee that will not change in the future. We can help prevent this from happening by controlling the teen traffic in the club and managing how they use the club.

Why does my friend get to use the club between 4:30 – 7:30 pm but I can’t?

The teen restrictions are currently in effect for new members only. Since they joined prior to 1.1.24 they still have access.

I am a current member, why can’t my friend who just joined come in at the same time as me?

We have instituted a new teen hours policy to help protect the peak hours of the club. Although this does not affect you at this time, your friend joined after 1.1.24 and does not have the same access as you.