Pilates Continuing Education Workshops

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Fitness Formula Clubs is committed to providing meaningful, relevant and engaging workshops to help our instructors, and the greater Pilates community, continue to develop and hone their teaching and educational skills.


Magic Circle Workshop

Session Info:

Adding the Magic Circle can increase engagement and difficulty in any exercise. In this workshop, we will explore the way the Magic Circle can impact exercises, whether they are on the mat, standing or on the reformer. This workshop is open to people of all levels of Pilates experience, including apprentices and teachers in training.

Come explore the differences that the Magic Circle can have on your (or your client’s) practice.


Sunday, September 24 from 12:00-2:00pm

Registration is required by Friday, September 22.

Tower Workshop

Session Info:

Discover the power of the Tower! The Tower is an essential piece of equipment for every Pilates student. With the springs in a different location, you can discover a deeper connection while using the Reformer. Additionally, the springs allow your to work on any asymmetries in your body.

This workshop will explore a variety of beginner, intermediate and advanced tower exercises, focusing on building strength in your core and secondary powerhouse. This is also designed for Pilates teachers in training to increase their understanding of the exercises and the apparatus.


Sunday, October 22 from 12:00-2:00pm

Registration is required by Friday, October 20.

Advanced Wunda Chair Workshop

Session Info:

Wonder no more about the Wunda Chair! We will focus on proper form, effective spotting and teaching tips for Level 3 and Level 4 exercises on the Wunda Chair. This workshop is designed for advanced Pilates students and teachers in training and will feature a mix of instruction and practice.This is a great opportunity for continuing education and gaining a deeper appreciation for this apparatus.

If you missed the Advanced Wunda Chair Workshop this spring, register for this sessions ASAP!


Sunday, November 12 from 12:00-2:00pm

Registration is required by Friday, November 10.

All Workshop Locations:

FFC South Loop, 1151 S State St Chicago, IL


Linda Spriggs

Pricing per workshop date:

$70 for FFC employees and members
$90 for non members

For additional information please contact Kristin Strom by email at kstrom@ffc.com.

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