Join us on Wednesday, June 26 at noon to enjoy a clean eating lunch and learn to learn about summer salads, water infusions, and healthy meal prepping strategies on the rooftop! Learn the components of a healthy meal from your registered dietitian. Limited spots available. Sign up now by emailing Suren at

Great things never come from a comfort zone, so come join us for our 30-day outdoor boot camp small group training! Classes run between May 1 – 31, twice a week (one daytime and one evening class per week). Be tough, be strong, be ready… because if it isn’t hard everyone would do it and it’s the hard that makes you great. Sign up today! Email


  • 2 x a week: $215
  • Non members drop-in single class: $35

Join 141 Club’s registered dietitian Suren on Friday, May 17 from 11:30 AM – 12 PM in the Alpha Conference center to learn about the effects of caffeine on metabolism. We will be providing coffee sponsored by Big Shoulders and will have free drink coupons available.

There is limited space available, email Suren at to sign up or request more information.

Join us for the 141 Madness fitness tournament challenge as an incentive to kickstart your fitness before the warmer weather hits! For 3 weeks from March 18 to April 8, compete in our exciting single elimination tournament to determine our Club 141 2019 fitness champion!

A $10 entry fee is required; winner will take home a cash prize! We need 64 participants so recruit your friends. Non-gym members are welcome to participate. Questions? Email!

March is the month that marks National Nutrition Month. It’s the perfect time because it’s a great opportunity to check back on your goals from the new year. This month, 141 Club will be doing weekly nutrition themes to get you onto the spring clean movement to your body and soul.

Our weekly themes will include easy recipes, such as three to four-ingredient meals, healthy dining tips, and how to use nutrition to fuel your fitness. Stay tuned for handouts, flyers, and the fitness table to check out the themes for the month. In the craziness of March, keep your healthy eating simple even in the madness.

Don’t limit yourself to tips and handouts to get the most out of your nutrition. Meet with your registered dietitian to discuss your health, sports, and overall lifestyle goals and see what she can do for you. For more information, email Suren at for your nutrition consult to see what you can accomplish in health and fitness this spring.

Join the 141 Club February 18 – 22 for a week of special events to celebrate 5 years. Email for particulars, or check out the newsletter for an events schedule for the week.

Please be aware of 141 Club’s operating schedule for Presidents’ Day – Monday February 18. The club will have staff available and be open from 6 AM – 2 PM.

Night classes will not run on this day. For questions and more information, please contact

Are you a CME employee? Attend a complimentary workshop on Friday, February 8 from 11:30 AM – 12:30 PM in the 141 Club (2nd floor, suite 200A) to learn how to increase circulation, flexibility, range of motion and relax tense muscles associated with stress.

FFC personal trainer Roger will walk through how to incorporate foam rollers and pressure points into your daily stretch routine. Use the routines you learn for weekly 4 wellness points! Also get a great workout with Mike and try our HIIT class as well. Space is limited to first 20 people who register!

Wear workout clothes – there are locker rooms available to change. Bring a lock for your locker!

Click here to register.

Looking for a sweet treat from your Valentine? Iconic items on this special day are roses, candies, and chocolates. If these are in the list of your Valentine’s Day plans, I have good news for you. Chocolate may bring health benefits. However, before you go into a big chocolate binge, let’s discuss chocolate’s benefits and appropriate amounts that will benefit our bodies.

Chocolate contains three components: flavonoids, antioxidants, and flavanols. These chemicals are found in varieties of fruits and vegetables which are great for giving our body rich nutrients. Flavonoids are shown to help with lowering blood pressure and improving blood flow *1 and antioxidants have properties that help with improving the strength of our immune system.*2 Even with these rich benefits, though, the most important thing to keep in mind is serving size.*3

One serving of chocolate is 25 grams, equivalent to half a small chocolate bar, or nine Hershey Kisses. Because chocolate is higher in fat, it is important to be mindful about portions. Chocolate also often has high sugar content, which can add to the calories in a single serving. If you want quality chocolate that can bring heart benefits, go for dark chocolate 60% or above. So, if chocolate was on your agenda for Valentine’s Day I would say go for it. Just go for the dark chocolate!

Don’t feel the need to give up your favorite sweet treats (because you might not have to). Enjoy one square of dark chocolate and its benefits to your health. Have more questions about nutrition, diet or anything else related? Set up a complimentary consultation with Suren at!


  1. Lewine, Howard. Sweet dreams: eating chocolate prevents heart disease. Harvard Health Publishing. 16 June 2015.
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Are you looking to make lasting changes to your eating habits in 2019? Are you tired of going on and off plan and feeling deprived? Are you struggling to lose weight, control your blood sugar, or improve your digestive health? For these reasons and more, your insurance may cover Medical Nutrition Therapy with little to no out of pocket costs!

FFC’s registered dietitians are credentialed with three major health insurance carriers: Blue Cross Blue Shield, United Healthcare, and Cigna.

To find out in you are covered, reach out to the registered dietitian at your club to set up a quick, complimentary screening to see if you qualify, or email Amy at