Move2Win Leaderboard

#Move2Win is BACK!!

There’s no motivation like a little friendly competition – invite your friends and join us for our Move2Win Gold Medal Challenge!

Work out during the contest period, Thursday, February 1 to Wednesday, February 28, 2018, earn “MEPs” (MYZONE effort points) or lose weight and win prizes for your effort!


RankMemberSiteMEPs Earned
1Don NorthfellPark Ridge11308
2Laura HalvorsenPark Ridge9410
3Scott JohnsonWest Loop9077
4David ReadWest Loop8483
5Mike FormentoOak Park8013
6Óli JonssonLincoln Park7486
7Bethany DerksHalsted & Belmont7228
8Colleen RobertsUnion Station7187
9Michael Bielawa JrUnion Station7170
10Joseph ForbesEast Lakeview7115



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What is MYZONE?

The MYZONE heart rate monitor belt monitors heart rate to determine effort exerted during exercise. The technology guarantees accurate & personalized results to help you make the most of your workouts. MEPs help to standardize measurement and level the playing field amongst participants, no matter what their fitness level. Learn more by visiting

Why do I need a MYZONE belt to participate in the challenge?

This year, our Move2Win challenge features the MYZONE technology and milestones will be based on MEPs – the most standardized way available to measure fitness progress

What if I need help registering my device? Can I come into the club and have someone do it for me?

Yes! Club staff will be available to help you register your belt and get started in the challenge. Please contact your Fitness Director for support.

Do I have to be displayed on the leaderboard if I participate? Can’t I just participate and log in to check my progress?

The top participants will be proudly displayed on our leaderboards throughout our clubs! Participants can remain anonymous by choosing a nickname and using generic icons instead of actual pictures.

Do I register under my home club or another club?

You can register under whichever club you would like, however, you cannot switch locations. You must choose the same club when you register on and when you input your club’s facility code. You can find this facility code at the club when you set up your belt. (The Facility code will also be included in the confirmation email for participants)

What if I frequently visit two different clubs? Can I split my MEPs?

Participants must choose one location to register their MYZONE belt with, but MEPS accumulated at any club or during any activity as long as you have your belt on will count!

How soon after I complete a checkpoint will I be able to use my bucks or other prizes?

Prizes will be available in the participant’s account to use by Monday, July 14.

Do the prizes expire? What if I wanted to transfer my dues or winnings to someone else – my spouse, etc? Do they have to be participating?

Prizes can only be used by the winning participant or someone on their account. Prizes will expire August 31, 2017.

Can I transfer my prizes to a cash value on my account?

Prizes cannot be redeemed as a cash value.

Do we get notifications when we hit milestones?

Yes, you will receive an email each time you hit a new MEP milestone through your MYZONE post workout emails.

Can I use the club anytime I want as a non-member?

Non-member participants will be able to use the FFC club location they registered at during the contest period from June 1 – June 30 2017.

Is the MYZONE belt waterproof? Can I swim with it on?

Yes! The device is water/sweat proof. However, the device has to stick to the body at all times so women can put it underneath their bathing suit. It probably will not work for men because the device will not keep constant contact while swimming.

What do the beeps mean?

The belt will beep one time when the belt is activated, and 3 times when there has been 15 seconds of inactivity. Note: Remember to be within 50 feet of a MYZONE receiver or your MYZONE App to successfully upload your workout.

How long will my MZ-3 battery last?

The battery will need to be recharged every 3-4 months based on usage by connecting the recharge dongle to a USB port or USB charger.

How does my workout data upload to my MYZONE account?

Your personal workout data is wirelessly updated to your MYZONE account using the MYZONE App. Simply live stream or upload a stored workout to the Effort Stream.

How do I know my data has been successfully uploaded?

If you are live streaming your session (i.e. working out with your mobile device nearby), your data is regularly updating to your account. If you work out without live streaming to the app, your belt will store the data until you open your Effort Stream while wearing your belt. You will see an updated date and time at the bottom of the Effort Stream page when you upload stored data. Keep in mind that your belt has 14 to 16 hours of stored data capacity.

Why do you only earn 4 MEPs in the Red Zone instead of 5?

MYZONE doesn’t encourage overtraining, so exercising in the Red Zone will earn you 4 MEPs.

How would anyone know if someone is cheating?

Results will be verified and checked for accuracy. Any participant attempting to manipulate data will be disqualified.

Can people use their FFC Bucks to register for the program?



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