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3 Easy Mocktail Recipes to Try Out Now

Though a love for red wine could potentially improve one’s heart health, the latest global studies have shown that no amount of alcohol is safe for consumption. While there are some benefits to certain types, they do not outweigh the risks, and the report is actually urging government officials to change alcohol consumption guidelines. Whether […]

Cinco de Mayo Party Ideas: Mexican Shepherd’s Pies with Smoky Sweet Potato Crust (Tartas Pastores)

Looking for Cinco de Mayo party ideas? Look no further! Traditional Shepherd’s Pie gets a Mexican twist with this spicy vegan recipe. A hearty filling of black beans and corn will give you healthy protein and complex carbs – essential nutrients for fueling your workouts. Sweet potatoes are mashed with chipotle powder for a sweet-smoky […]

Healthy Mushroom Soup Recipe With Barley & Leek

From Lion’s Mane mushroom tea to Shiitake mushroom broth, mushrooms are quickly becoming one a favorite for both nutritionists and chefs. A healthy source of iron, protein, B vitamins, and antioxidants like selenium, it’s no wonder they’ve been called a super food. They also have natural glutamines, much like meat and cheese, which make them […]