Small Group Training Opportunities at FFC West Loop 

FFC West Loop Fitness Floor

Looking to take your training to the next level? Join one of our small group training sessions! We offer small group training sessions six days per week. 


  • 7 AM: Critical HIIT with Mike Riley 
  • 4 PM: Sets at Sea with India Burnett
  • 6 PM: Triple Threat with Carli Benson


  • 6 AM: Mobility Camp with Tom Feeney
  • 5 PM: Forge with Eric Bishop 
  • 6 PM: PPLC with Trent Wildman 


  • 4 PM: Sets at Sea with India Burnett
  • 5 PM: I’ve Got Your Back(side) with Adrienne Eades
  • 6 PM: FFC Zone with Mitchell Silverman 


  • 5 PM: Mobility Camp with Neha Mayawala


  • 7 AM: Critical HIIT with Mike Riley


  • 11 AM: Corrective-Ex Camp with Fabian Rodriguez
  • 12 PM: I’ve Got Your Back(side) with Adrienne Eades 



Corrective-Ex Camp: From beginners to bodybuilders, try this class format to evaluate “energy leaks,” muscle imbalances or any nagging pains, and learn efficient tools to add to your arsenal of exercises to improve your overall fitness and performance and blow through plateaus all-around!

Critical HIIT: A full-body circuit workout combining kettlebells, MMA and kick-boxing fundamentals to deliver explosive results in muscle-building, fat-burning, and sports conditioning. Give this class a try if you are looking to turn-up your cardio and combat skills to a new level!

FFC Zone: A new take on a boot camp style workout utilizing MYZONE belts, individual heart rate zones, and tracking points earned in and calories burned in a workout. Come join us for FFC Zone training with a full spectrum of strength and plyometrics to torch fat and build an athletic physique all while competing with others in a fast and fun environment!

Forge: Looking to build a brand new lean, strong and explosive body? Through the heat and intensity of heart-pounding full-body kettlebell movements and complexes, learn proper use and execution of grind and ballistic movements, and forge a new body through fire and steel in this challenging class!

I’ve Got Your Back(side): A full-body workout for women looking to build their posterior chain, enhance their physique, and develop their glutes, legs, and upper back. This small group class will not only help build your backside but also develop overall strength, injury prevention, and improve daily acts of living (DALs).  Come see for yourself how this class can torch calories, build confidence, and develop strength all-around!

Mobility Camp: A movement enhancement class that develops maximum body control, flexibility, and USABLE ranges of motion. It is designed to create better articular joint health, mobility and movement needed for the demands of life, sport, exercise, running, hobbies and your DALs. This class is designed for optimization of movement for all walks of life!

PPLC: “Push, Pull, Legs, Core” focuses on a comprehensive, high-intensity, RPE-regulated full-body workout emphasized around completing 4 compound movements circuit-style for a given time.  Work to improve your overall strength and conditioning, blast fat or compete against others in this fun and challenging muscle-building class!

Sets at Sea: Looking to get a great workout under the sun and in the pool? Looking to sculpt your body and burn body fat at the same time? Do you enjoy Surf & Turf? This is the class for you! This unique class combines strength-training and cardio exercise both in the pool and outside of it utilizing boogie boards, pool noodles, and weights all while being outside on the West Loop pool deck! 

Triple Threat: Looking to spice up your workout?  Come out to the pool deck and train circuit style in the sun focusing on revolving around strength, cardio and core-training!  Accelerate your results, chisel a new physique, and blast body-fat all while getting a tan this summer and fall at West Loop!

To sign up for a class, please contact Fitness Director Eric Bishop at