Family swim at FFC in Chicago

In addition to our regular family swim schedule, we have added an evening family swim time on the third Friday of every month. Bring your kids after school gets out and enjoy some fun time in the pool! We kindly ask that you follow our family swim policy, listed below, when enjoying this event.

Family Swim Policies:

  • All children must check in at the front desk.
  • Family swim is included with monthly Kids’ Club membership; daily passes can be purchased for $10 per child.
  • Parents must stay in the pool area and watch their kids while they swim.
  • Children must use the poolside locker room and bathroom facilities. Children of the opposite sex are not allowed in the main locker room areas.
  • Infants must wear swim diapers while they are swimming. If any accidents occur, please notify management right away.
  • For health reasons, children under 16 are not permitted in the whirlpool or steam rooms.
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