FFC StartFit Youth Program At FFC West Loop Kids Club

Kids Doing Yoga

The need for kids to be active is increasingly being strained in urban environments. FFC West Loop has recognized that to support active lifestyles, youth programming is essential. Utilizing our knowledge of health and wellness and supported by our experienced and talented staff, we aim to provide an outlet for improving physical fitness and athletic development in today’s Chicago youth.

Parents can feel good that while they are taking steps to improve their health, their children are learning the foundations of good exercise in a fun, structured way. Building on previous evidence-based pediatric exercise programs, all children aged 2 and over will participate in our fun, guided exercise program.  

Children start out at Bronze Level 1 working their way to Platinum Level 4 movement mastery.  The program consists of 15 minutes of guided movements and exercises, a daily updated activity log filled in by the program administrator and available for parents, and free play in the space for the rest of the duration of the visit.

Complimentary as part of your Kids Club membership. Contact Ryan Oswald at roswald@ffc.com for more details.