Cardio Strength Training (CST) At FFC West Loop

Performance Training Turf.

Cardio Strength Training (CST) is coming to FFC West Loop! CST is a station-based circuit program where participants will execute specific movement and timing patterns and will include corrective exercises to test areas of your body you didn’t know existed.  In addition to the high intensity strength and conditioning everyone expects, CST will also address common physical limitations like posture, hip mobility, hamstring length, glute activation and many others.

This 45-minute class will take place on our turf (coming soon!) and will have a small-group training mentality with classes maxing out at 16 people. Classes will utilize equipment like TRX, sandbags, competition kettlebells, landmines, sleds, ski ergs, rowers, dyna balls, bars and dumbbells, among many other accessories.

Sign up today for our CST presale list! The first 100 participants who register will receive their first month free. After that, you can access unlimited CST classes for $100/month. 

As a founding member, you’ll have access to our CST Mixer Group, which includes food and beverage on the pool deck, fitness Q&As, board games and more. 

Contact Drew at to place your name on the pre-sale founding member list today!