Vince Schiano, Christine McCary, Pedja Ristic, Joe Dankowski, and Jen Dahl

Love, love, love the staff at FFC East Lakeview, the front desk, group fitness instructors and personal trainers. The group fitness instructors are awesome and offer exciting and challenging classes with some of my favorite instructor being Vince Schiano, Christine McCary and Jen Dahl.
I workout with two of the best personal trainers as well, Pedja Ristic and Joe Dankowski. I’ve continued to workout with Pedja for a long time now and enjoy the variety of our workouts and his constant pushing me to always do better. I recently started doing boxing with Joe and can’t get enough of his workouts. He’s very patient, friendly and detail oriented and continues to help me improve my boxing skills. I also signed up for Joe’s small group boxing classes and love the sense of community the class brings. There is a great group of people in his classes and it’s always one of my favorite workouts of the week, Joe does a great job of organizing and ensuring that the group gets a great workout in while having a great time at the same time! 🙂