So you can swing, clean, press, etc….what’s next in your kettlebell game? Join us on Sunday July 22 and Sunday July 29 from 10 AM – 1 PM at North Avenue Beach near the volleyball courts for a kettlebell juggling basics workshop!

As most of you know, the kettlebell is a multi-use tool that can enhance and develop several aspects of your training. Delving deeper into the advanced techniques of kettlebells is where we find juggling. While enhancing balance, coordination, and strength, juggling also develops your ability to meaningfully accept and redirect force creating a more powerful, graceful state of athleticism.

Trainers will be on hand to go over safety protocol and answer questions (please do not try these moves at the club without help from our trainers at any other time outside of these workshops!) Some of the basics we’ll cover at the workshop include:

  • 1-hand and 2-hand flips, forward and  backward
  • Hand-to-hand flips
  • Hammer flips
  • Helicopter flips
  • Lateral flips
  • Partner juggling

Join Us!