NEW for 2017!

New format! All regular triathlons are now part of the USATri60 national series, featuring a new event 60-minute format: 10-min swim, 30-min bike, 20-min run!

New Swag! All regular tri finishers receive t-shirt, swim goggles, swim cap, and medal!

New Bikes! All events feature Keiser Indoor Cycle Bikes with Power!

New locations! Including FFC South Loop (duathlon) and FFC Park Ridge (triathlon)!

18th Annual FFC Indoor Triathlon Series 2017

Fitness Formula Clubs is proud to present our 18th Annual Indoor Triathlon & Duathlon Series.
This year our event offerings have expanded to become part of USATri60! Enjoy a bigger race series with events for all ability levels, and a new 60-minute USATri60 race format – learn more at

FFC Indoor Triathlon & Duathlon Series – Race Events:

>>Visit this link and choose the “Indoor Tri” option to sign up for the race package!

  • USATri60 Indoor Triathlon (10-min swim, 30-min bike, 20-min run)
  • FFC Double Triathlon (two Indoor Triathlons back to back, with a short rest in between)
  • RunMonster Duathlon (10-min Run, 30-min Bike, 20-min Run)
  • TriMonster Sprint, Olympic, and new draft-legal Sprint (optional events at FFC Lincoln Park only – using your own bike on CompuTrainers!)
2017 FFC Indoor Triathlon & Duathlon Race Series:
1/14/17 – FFC South Loop : RunMonster DUATHLON
1/21/17 – FFC Lincoln Park : USATri60 TRIATHLON + TriMonster DRAFT-LEGAL SPRINT
2/4/17 – FFC Gold Coast : USATri60 TRIATHLON
2/11/17 – FFC East Lakeview : USATri60 TRIATHLON
2/19/17 – Dare2tri Indoor Triathlon @ FFC Union Station – NEW!
2/25/17 – FFC Oak Park : USATri60 TRIATHLON
3/4/17 – FFC West Loop : USATri60 TRIATHLON
3/25/17 – FFC Park Ridge : USATri60 TRIATHLON
4/8/17 – FFC Union Station : USATri60 TRIATHLON
4/15/17 – FFC Lincoln Park : USATri60 TRIATHLON + TriMonster SPRINT & OLYMPIC

General Information

New to Triathlon?  

An Indoor Triathlon is a great way to experience a triathlon – without the intimidation.  Registrants with no triathlon experience race alongside other first time participants and those intimidated by swimming can even race in a separate duathlon division.  

Indoor Triathlon Training Programs!

Training programs are also available for beginners to learn to swim through the FFC Endurance Club Membership – TriMonster.  Join the training program and get a free Indoor Triathlon race entry!  For training program info sessions and start dates, please visit TriMonster Triathlon Training on facebook at

Experienced Triathlete?

The Indoor Triathlon Series is a great way to maintain your fitness level over the winter.  Register for the series, compete against your friends, and prepare for upcoming season!  Compete in a single triathlon, qualify for series awards (best three events), or step it up to complete “The Double” (two races in one day).  You can even compete in a full Sprint or Olympic distance triathlon while riding from the comfort of your own bike in our unique CompuTrainer Endurance Training Studio!

What is an Indoor Triathlon?

An Indoor Triathlon consists of the three disciplines:  swim, bike, run – in that order.  The only difference from a standard outdoor event is that you are timed in each activity.  Your recorded distances during the swim, bike, and run portions are calculated and combined to give you a final, total distance.  Your race day will follow the new 60-minute USATri60 event format:

  •         Swim:  10 minutes (in pool)
  •         Transition 1:  10 minutes
  •         Bike:  30 minutes (on Keiser M3 Indoor Cycles)
  •         Transition 2:  5 minutes
  •         Run:  20 minutes (on treadmill)

Chicago Indoor Triathlon Championship

After the last race of the series, awards will be distributed to crown series champions as follows:

  • Overall Series Champions – Male and Female (top 3 triathlon performances combined)
  • Team Champions – Male, Female, Coed Teams (top single team performance)
  • Triple-Double Series Champions – Male, Female (top 3 combined double performances)
  • Duathlon Series Champions – Male, Female (top duathlon performance)
  • Sprint Champions – Male, Female (top CompuTrainer sprint distance performance)
  • Draft-Legal Sprint Champions – Male, Female (top CompuTrainer draft-legal performance)
  • Olympic Champions – Male, Female (top CompuTrainer olympic distance performance)


All participants will receive a t-shirt. One shirt per series.  New in 2017, participants of the USATri60 events will also receive a USATri60 t-shirt, swim goggles, swim cap

Race Details

Race Day Information

  • Waves begin every 30 minutes beginning at 8am with last wave typically around 12 noon
  • There will be 4-8 participants per wave.
  • Assigned wave start confirmation will be distributed one week prior to race day.
  • Locker Rooms will be used for transition.  You will be allotted 10 minutes for transition 1 (swim to bike) and 5 minutes for transition 2 (bike to run).  It is recommended that you do not return to the locker room for T2 – if you are using different shoes for the bike and run, bring both shoes with you!
  • Towels and lockers are provided.  Please watch our instructional video on our Keyless Locker system to avoid any mishaps or delays on race day!  FFC Keyless Lockers:
  • Winners are determined by total distance covered in the indoor triathlon or duathlon.
  • Sprint and Olympic Triathlon division winners are determined by finish time based on fully-timed Sprint or Olympic-distance with bike portion completed on a CompuTrainer using your own bike (rear wheel trainer skewer required)
  • All races include 2 hours free parking.  For parking details, visit:
  • Complimentary use of health club facilities included before and after each race.  Guests are welcome too (must show ID & sign waiver)!


Indoor Triathlon

Individual Race Winners (excludes Sprint and Olympic Triathlon):

Medals will be awarded to 1st place men and women in both “Beginner” and “Experienced” Categories within the following age groups:


7-9    10-12    13-14


15-19    20-24   25-29   30-34   35-39

40-44   45-49    50-54   55-59   60+

“The Double”

Athletes completing two triathlons in one day will qualify for an additional award.  One top male and one top female will be awarded at each event.  


Team awards will only be provided at the end of the overall series.  The overall male, female, and coed champions will be determined based on the combined performance of a team’s top 3 athlete performance from a single event.  Three athletes required for a team.  Coed teams must have a minimum of 1 female.  Compete in more indoor triathlons as a team for more chances to win!


Medals will be awarded to the top male and female duathlete in both beginner and experienced divisions.  The Duathlon Champion will be awarded to the top male and female athlete with the top duathlon performance.

TriMonster® Triple Series Challenge

Register for at least three indoor triathlons as an individual and compete in the TriMonster® Triple Series Challenge.  The top three overall male & female FFC Indoor Triathlon Series Champions (combined single division scores from three events) win a purse of FFC gift certificates and a chance to be selected for a grand prize as Chicago’s Next Top Triathlete.

  • 1st Place:  $100 FFC gift certificate
  • 2nd Place:  $50 FFC gift certificate
  • 3rd Place:  $25 FFC gift certificate

Sprint and Olympic Triathlon

FFC Lincoln Park will feature additional events: fully timed, olympic-distance and sprint-distance indoor triathlons using your own bike at the FFC Endurance Training Center – the only CompuTrainer studio in Chicago capable of this unique event!  Complete a full indoor olympic distance triathlon (1.5km swim, 40km bike, and 10km run) or sprint distance triathlon (.5 mile swim, 20km bike, and 5km run) and win free race entries into Leon’s Triathlon (!  The top overall male & female from the Draft-Legal Triathlon, Sprint Triathlon, and Olympic Triathlon receive an entry into Leon’s Triathlon (6 total entries available).


These events require bringing in your own road or triathlon bike (with minimum 80psi slick tires and rear wheel trainer skewer) to ride a simulated CompuTrainer virtual bike course of Leon’s Triathlon.    For more information visit and please watch the instructional videos ahead of time to familiarize yourself with entering the building with your bike and how to set up and calibrate your bike on a CompuTrainer:

Youth Triathlon

New for 2017!  Children between the ages of 7-14 may compete in the Youth division of the USATri60 events featuring a 5-minute Swim, 15-minute Bike, and 10-minute Run.

NOTE: Children can compete in the triathlon only if they are tall enough to ride on our stationary indoor bicycles – typically this means athletes must be at least 4’6″ tall. Kids not tall enough to compete on stationary indoor bicycles are welcome to participate in an indoor swim-run “splash & dash” and will still receive finisher medals.

Indoor Triathlon Training Program Information

FFC TriMonster® Indoor Triathlon Training Program

Make it your new year’s resolution to swim, bike, run, and have more fun in the new year! Join TriMonster®, Fitness Formula Club’s 100% intimidation-free triathlon training club and learn to improve your swim, bike, and run as you train toward FFC’s 16th Annual Indoor Triathlon Series. Meet and train alongside like-minded endurance athletes. Perfect for all experience levels. With 2 months of TriMonster Unlimited including two weekly workouts focused specifically on indoor triathlon training and support from USA Triathlon certified coaches, this 8-week training program is bound to show you why FFC was rated “Best Club to Train for a Triathlon” (Examiner)! Benefits FFC’s triathlon training charity partner TEAM TO END AIDS (T2).


  • 2-months of TriMonster “FFC ENDURANCE MEMBERSHIP” ( featuring unlimited computrainer, swim technique, endurance running, and performance center strength classes) – attend as many classes as you like!
  • For a list of classes visit the TriMonster Class Calendar and Performance Center schedule
  • 8-week training program with 2 weekly indoor triathlon focused workouts (1 swim and 1 bike/run “brick” workout)
  • Race entry into one FFC Indoor Triathlon (excludes relay, sprint, and olympic distance events)
  • Online Training Plan for the FFC Indoor Triathlon Series
  • Coached by FFC’s USA Triathlon certified and experienced TriMonster® endurance coaching staff
  • Discounts from local triathlon specific retailers and club sponsors!

REGISTER NOW!  Join the FFC Endurance Membership today at or select the TriMonster 2-month INDOOR TRI TRAINING PACKAGE at to participate in Indoor Triathlon Training classes!


2017 Results:

For “live” race day results and notifications, try the new FFC Indoor Triathlon & Duathlon Series RockMyRace App at

RACE #1 – FFC South Loop Duathlon Results
RACE #2 – FFC Lincoln Park Triathlon Results
RACE #3 – FFC Gold Coast Triathlon Results
RACE #4 – FFC East Lakeview Triathlon Results
RACE #5 – Dare2Tri Indoor Triathlon Results
RACE #6 – FFC Oak Park Triathlon Results
RACE #7 – FFC West Loop Indoor Triathlon Results
RACE #8 – FFC Park Ridge Indoor Triathlon Results
RACE #9 – FFC Union Station Indoor Triathlon Results
RACE #10 – FFC Lincoln Park 2 +TriMonster Sprint & Olympic Indoor Triathlon Results

2016 Results:

FFC Indoor Triathlon & Duathlon Series 2016
Indoor Tri – FFC Lincoln Park #1 Results
Indoor Tri – FFC West Loop #2 Results
Indoor Tri – FFC Union Station #3 Results
Indoor Tri – FFC Oak Park #4 Results
FFC INDOOR TRI 2016 – GC16 Results
FFC INDOOR TRI 2016 – LP2-16 Results

2015 Results:
Overall Series (All Races, All Events)
Lincoln Park Results 4/4/15 (Chicago Championship)
Lincoln Park Results 3/7/15 (Sprint & Olympic)
Lincoln Park Results 3/7/15 (Regular Tri)
Gold Coast Results 2/28/15
– West Loop Results 2/21/15
Union Station Results 2/7/15

2014 Results:
– East Lakeview Results 2/8/14
Oak Park Results 2/15/14
– Gold Coast Results 2/22/14
Union Station Results 3/8/14
– Lincoln Park Results 3/22/14
– West Loop Results 3/29/14

2013 Results:
– Union Station Results 3/9/13
– Lincoln Park Results 3/23/13
– East Lakeview Results 2/16/13
– West Loop Results 3/16/13
– Oak Park Results 2/9/13
– Gold Coast Results 2/23/13

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