Kids PTC at FFC Old Town

Every Monday and Wednesday from May 1 – 31 at 3:40 PM, your child can join in on our co-ed performance training classes! Kids ages 9 – 14 (accompanied by an adult) will focus on developing 4 domains, including proper movement patterns, light resistance exercise, cardiovascular health and core endurance. Programming is based on the National Strength and Conditioning Association (NSCA)’s position statement on Youth Resistance Training and Long-Term Athletic Development.

All participants will need an adult to be present in the club for the duration of the class, and must be accompanied by the adult in the event they need to use the locker room.

Cost: $99 per child per month, or $25 per class

Classes will run for an hour each 2 days per week from May 1 – 31 but will be closed on May 28 for Memorial Day.