Members using the fitness floor at FFC Old Town.

We are always looking for ways to improve our members’ experience at our club. This year we were able to make some great upgrades at FFC Old Town, so be sure to check out the improvements next time you pay us a visit:

  • Life Fitness Virtual Spin Bikes
  • Woodway Curve Trainers
  • Life Fitness Treadmills
  • Life Fitness Upright Bikes
  • Digital TV
  • MyZone Technology in the Functional Studio
  • New Lighting on Fitness Floor
  • New Slam Balls
  • New Roof + Ceiling Tiles
  • New HVAC
  • New Strength Equipment – Plate Loaded Leg Press, Smith Machine, Bench Presses, Standing Preacher Curl, Deadlift Platform
  • Coming Soon – Sauna Upgrade!