Member of the Month – Krys Rollins

Member of the Month at FFC

Congratulations to FFC Oak Park’s December member of the month, Krys! Krys answered a few questions for us about being a member at FFC:

  1. What does membership at FFC mean to you? 

Membership to me is like a home away from home.  I know I can expect consistency, help, and services if I need them.  Every visit to the gym I get the physical and mental therapy I need.  After each workout or visit to FFC, I’m looking forward to the next because I know it will be great.

  1. When I am at FFC you will find me…

Lifting free weights, handling some kettlebells, doing yoga, crawling on the floor, mixing up moves Keon has taught me, and the hot tub when I can squeeze in a few extra minutes.

  1. I work out to…

Almost everything.  My playlist is quite diversified.  I love music and when I’m working out it’s whatever gets the energy flowing.

Krys Rollins

Thank you for being a member of our community, Krys!