Heated Infrared Classes Now Offered At FFC Oak Park

FFC West Loop Group Fitness Studio Yoga Mats

Infrared technology has arrived at FFC Oak Park, and we are introducing brand new heated class formats to our group fitness schedule starting June 1! The benefits of training in an infrared studio include: 

  • Improved range of motion and flexibility 
  • Reduced stress levels
  • Improved skin health and lung capacity
  • Increased caloric burn during your workout 

Our new class formats include variations of hot yoga, heated vinyasa and heated yoga sculpt. See class descriptions and details below, and we’ll see you in class!

RED Hot – Studio temp 105 degrees (Hot Yoga) 

Practiced in our Infrared studio heated to 105 degrees. The combination of naturally heating the body from the inside out to improve oxygen utilization as the heat penetrates the tissues and joints to promote recovery, increase mobility and relieve aches and pains.

Detox Flow – Studio temp 94 degrees (Heated Vinyasa Flow)

Detox Flow uses Infrared technology heating the studio to 94 degrees. Flow through sequences to detoxify your body at the cellular level as well as purify your skin and improve circulation.

Meta Sculpt – Studio temp 94 degrees (Heated Yoga Sculpt)

Experience this yoga sculpt-inspired class that incorporates resistance training in our Infrared heated studio, which increases metabolic rate and facilitates strength and flexibility with your yoga practice.

Endura 94 – Studio temp 94 degrees 

This cardio based, calorie-torching format is performed barefoot in our Infrared studio heated to 94 degrees. The use of light to moderate hand weights will help you incinerate body fat as you define your body from head to toe.