Personal trainer spotlight at FFC

Have you met FFC Personal Trainer Justin Casipit? He specializes in fat loss, strength gain, functional training, bodybuilding and powerlifting. Check out his personal account of how fitness has changed his life and how he inspires others to live a healthy lifestyle!

My name is Justin Casipit, Personal Trainer at FFC Oak Park. I graduated from UIC with a BS in kinesiology with a concentration in health and wellness promotion and am certified in personal training through NASM (National Academy of Sports and Medicine). I specialize in fat loss, strength gain, functional training, bodybuilding, and powerlifting. I played multiple sports growing up including basketball, football and track and field. I also have competed in bodybuilding.

Growing up as a child I was overweight, which led into my later teen years – I know the struggles of trying to lose weight and all that comes with it. I was known as the “chubby kid” and I hated running the mile in gym class. I fell in love with weight training when I was 14 after my high school football coach told us we needed to get in the gym and lift some weights. As soon as I started seeing progress and feeling strong, I was hooked.

After a few years of lifting, though, I realized I was ridiculously strong, but I was still overweight and I didn’t look the way I wanted. I thought, “Why am I doing all of this working out if you can’t even tell I work out?”. From then on, I wanted to learn everything about nutrition and exercise, and I did my best to do so. I finally started changing my diet and I lost the initial 50 lbs right before I graduated high school. From then on, it was year after year of trial and error and learning about nutrition and consistency in the gym.

Falling in love with weight training early in my life has made health, fitness, and strength a major priority for most my adult life. I want to be able to share my collective knowledge and experiences to help other people with their goals and their struggles. Helping someone experience progress and get excited that they’re getting stronger, losing weight, feeling better, or moving better is the reason why I do what I do.

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