Nazha Abushalanfah

Nazha, I just wanted to tell you how much your TREAD class has helped me!
I am a runner and triathlete. My annual training schedule doesn’t change too much year to year. The only thing different I have done this year over last year was to add your class to my Wednesday workout.
I started with your class in the fall and noticed a difference at the FLW 5K when I placed in my age group. I usually run longer distances, so 5K’s are not my usual race. I know your speed work got me there.
This past week I ran the F3 half marathon (as I have done for the past three years). Each January, I feel like I am undertrained as it comes up so quickly!
Last year the race was hard for me in the last 2 miles, and I finished in 2:01. This year, I bettered my time by just under 5 minutes and my pace per mile by 20 seconds! That’s huge in my book! I felt great and was able to push hard the entire race. The only difference in my training from last years race and this years was adding your class.
Thank you again! I just love the camaraderie, support and work you give us! Here’s to more strong finishes in 2017!